Mosket is Broken

Musket is very popular in PvP, it’s boring to enter the OPR, out of 20 players 10 are muskets, They are doing absurd damage even from afar, and some players have resistance above normal, making it very difficult to kill them even from afar. medium melee, not to mention you’re going to a point and taking shots with absurd damage from nowhere.


lie lie 10 out of 20 hahaha there are 2-3 musket 7 bows rest melees normaly


Just line of sight them and push with the zerg. If you know there is a musket on the rocks wait at the fort until you have reinforcements. Don’t run at a group of muskets by yourself and expect to live.

I’ve been gunned down once by a musket in the last 3 days as a 100 con melee build, and it was because I got caught in the open.

Anyway, nerfing the musket range to 50m would solve pretty much all the OPR issues with the musket.

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idk where you play, but Devaloka, guys create PT whit moskets to broke OPR, i play whit bow and don’t see to much bows players, and i don’t like the damage of bow in my vision is too low

We can’t reach them, they have haste or die before catch.
even if in very closed places they are doing a lot of damage, and there are several skills favoring them.
As an Archer who has been nerfed several times unfairly, I would appreciate that the damage and distance decrease.
Justifying, Arco is a difficult weapon to play, having Bullet drop, the accuracy of the new world is strange so just putting the crosshairs on top of the dummy will not hit.
As for the musket, just hand it to any 1 who will have no difficulty and will be able to play calmly.

Yea, 10, on one team…aren’t muskets. Exaggerating an issue doesn’t help your problem.

Unless it’s a premade just screwing around.

They could be a premade using a war roster composition, you’ll still have a bad time as a solo qued player.

Musket doesnt need a range or damage decrease it needs to become a projectile. The fact that musket players themselves are suggesting a range reduction over losing hitscan should tell you just how strong/broken hitscan is in the game.

This isnt an FPS shooter where we are all sprinting at inhuman speeds with slides and shit to make it difficult to hit shots with hitscan still. Its an MMO and everyone moves like they’re in slow motion compared to modern FPS games.


I don’t disagree with it being a projectile.

BUT, I don’t think I’ve seen one, longterm, musket player, suggest an actual range reduction.

It being a projectile will help with it being made more difficult at range though. Would be a great start before making anymore changes.

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One just did on this thread.

dude, i think you know OPR one team there are 20 players… 50% musket, u just a PVE player. don’t give your opinion on a subject you don’t know please

Of course no longterm player wants their weapon nerfed, the problem is they are using this crap to break OPR.
Nerfing a weapon that practically anyone who plays with ease, they do absurd damage, while other players have to keep looking for where the absurd damage is coming from.

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The OPR is no longer fun with PVP for a daily stress with this damage coming from anywhere and far away.

I agree, but in parts, first I think that in the New World model having a musket is unrealistic, Swords, Axes, Magic, out of nowhere a musket, decreasing damage like they did with the bow SEVERAL TIMES, so it would be a fair nerf.

Nerf ALL weapon NOW!

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dude like pls dont try this argument. We play a medieval fantasy game. Musket is a medieval weapon like swords and who tf is coming up with unrealistic in a video game xD

btw. Bow is doing a shit ton of dmg no clue why you think it does not enough dmg, bow can 1 shot people in pvp if they go full glasscanon and have one of the higst mobility in the game and dont forget the stagger they have

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PvE player? :rofl:

Didn’t even start doing mutations till the Brimstone update. Only because you can’t freaking get shards any other way :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Unrealistic? Excuse me?

I mean, it’s like walking skeletons and zombies existed in the 1700s ye? Same with fire staffs and a glove that lets you do ice spells.

Don’t forget the hammer that you can use to hit the ground, and shake everything so hard, that it causes people around you to be stunned.

Yea, you’re right. Musket is the most unrealistic thing on this game. I mean, musket never existed in the 1700s neither.


Bow hits harder than musket btw. Just sayin


10 musket = ez win for steamroller team, they can focus a single person with powder burn + shooter stance and the other side won’t give a damn due to a high CON + constant heal on their feet.

New World PvP in general always focused on melee for capturing the objective. This mean more range = easier for other side to win, unless you are healer

REMOVE HITSCAN to solve this problem finally

Main issue with musket is they kill people who can’t fight back. A severe range reduction would fix this while still leaving the weapon unique and allow fps players to have fun in an mmo. Which is actually pretty neat. Imo they should remove the zoom

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