Most Bestowments on Valhalla are bugged and can't be upgraded

The two servers I can speak for are CoS and Yggdrasil. On CoS, not one territory has an upgraded stage, and a couple of territory owning consuls have posted on other threads verifying that the upgrade cannot be started.
On Ygg, at least 10/11 territories are fully upgraded to Opulent Bestowment (I haven’t checked Reekwater because I don’t have it unlocked on my alt).

This was finally fixed on Valhalla yesterday.

Abaton still only has one town upgraded. Could be because nobody looks now but after 3 days I would have thought someone would have noticed and upgraded so probably not fixed here and of course AGS just completely silent about it

The update happened last night. You’ll have to ask the towns to do it. I’ve confirmed that it appears to be fixed on Castle of Steel.

Thanks for the heads up

Confirmed this is now fixed on Abaton

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