Most BROKEN thing about hatchet isn’t Defy Death, it’s…

…Animation cancelling berserk

No risk… high return

Luckily for hatchet users, AGS will never fix it because there are ‘multiple’ methods to cancelling and we all know AGS will take 4 months on average to fix just one exploit method


Defy death is still broken, and a huge crutch for players


It is like this since release. At this point you can say that it is intended.


Defy Death is a huge problem and extremely overpowered.
Cancel Berserk gives also a huge advantage and needs to be fixed since its clearly a bug exploit.


But it’s not broken, it’s working perfectly as intended. Maybe just make it work differently in PVP?



yes this def needs to be removed but i highly doubt ags is even aware or even able to fix all the ways to do it.

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This is such a troll post. Similar to “bb is not the problem, s&s is”. SS got nerfed and bb still one shots people.

Next post: Musket is not the problem, s&s is…


Not broken as in not working correctly. Broken as in it is OP.

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literally this… people would not be upset with the ability if it contained the built in 1s animation. Buuut… theyll probably just balance things around the broken animation cancel, a la the light armor “fix” in january 2022 lmfao

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I have been maining SnS hatchet for months now and I can’t recall ever cancelling the beserk animation.

I don’t think it’s possible with normal gameplay.

I know how to cancel the slow down on forward moving distancing throw aswell but this also feels unnatural and don’t bother.

Hatchet TBH isn’t op at all. Its just a big crutch, this makes it annoying to play against.

People asking for nerfs don’t understand this game at all. Hatchet in PvP is one of the worst weapons, it only offers great survivability and mobility. It needs a rework.

No build should be dieing to a hatchet player, yes they are annoying to kill but hatchet is actually impossible to die against if you know what you are doing.

The most important thing is not getting hit by the feral rush, after that every thing is easy mode to play against.

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Just cc them or use one of the several diminishing or nullifying skills.

The one where you roll cancel one is pretty easy to do but anyone doing these mid combat is highly likely to just have it macro’d imo.

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I garantee you that 99% of the people cancelling berserk does have a macro. It is way easier that way.


Yea. At this point it would be better to get rid of all of these animation cancels. Hatchet and bow being the worst offenders

I see a defy death abuser trying to defend it, its obviously broken and need hard nerf, people just spam light attacks and stay alive with defy death when they should be dead, like anyone else in that situation !! So stupid

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HUGE crutch, this cannot be overstated.

I bet most people’s kills would go up dramatic just by getting rid of defy death. Since every so called “good” PvP player uses hatchet defy death to stay alive when they in fact would have died in a fight. And those so called “good” PvP players using hatchet would be average.

Come on AGS make people earn the deaths they received in a fight.


There are plenty of good PVP players that dont use hatchet at all, but yes. There are a lot of mediocre players that have hatchet as a secondary. Only switching to hatchet when close to death to get this passive.

As this is possible. Not every weapon has an ability that can remove buffs, and everyone should not be forced to tailor their builds around being able to cancel a single ability. That is clearly broken compared to the rest.

berserk cancel aswell as delay cancel on social distance is an exploit. Devs know about that and working (i hope)…Any post about that exploit will be delited due the ToS,


I said uses hatchet, stop making it about YOU if you’re not using hatchet. I don’t care if you’re a good PvP player that doesn’t use hatchet.

If you are good without using hatchet then Kudos to you. Imo you’re a real PvP player that is good.

If you have to rely on hatchet defy death to stay alive in PvP imo your trash and using a crutch.