Most forum posts are just for attention

Look at me I can complain, and I know people will respond to me so I can feel fulfilled. This is sad how many people just post the same stuff so they can feel like people care about their opinion. No one cares! Not about yours or mine, now shut up and go do something you enjoy instead of crying all the time (unless you enjoy being soooo angry and miserable). Good god why are people just using forum to repost crap and feel cool. That’s my opinion, which nobody cares about. I am not special or I don’t know everything. I am just a fan of the game even though it is real rough around the edges. I love it! LOVE IT! And I love you too.

P.s.- please don’t respond as I already know I am cool.



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#1 I laughed at your post because it’s humorous which I’m 99% sure was your goal so well done.

#2 Not every post is pure complaining. The vast majority started out as well thought out constructive criticism that eventually spiraled into pure toxicity.

#3 I’m pretty sure the people who are posting constructive criticisms aren’t feeling “fulfilled” by the never ending replies from fan boys who can’t see past their own nose.

#4 it’s still a funny post so +1

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It’s just noun mad libs though. Everyone does it all here. It’s a smorgasbord of frustrated people.

Grab a plate and fill’r up.

Responding because why not?

Fully agreed. I just want to say that.

I know I’m cool too so I just do whatever I want. The people that complain or troll about how the game is dead are sadbois that need validation from the hive mind. They can’t think for themselves. So they need the herd to do it for them. They’re such sadbois that are so sad they don’t get any attention IRL so they need it from a forum.

Like your post?

Imagine coming up with something original or maybe realizing you are complaining about complainers complaining. Here I am complaining, etc, etc, etc.

Most things are for attention.

And I always see you complaining and being unreasonable.

And to provide something useful for the topic:

This is indeed a negative effect of social places on the internet that is making us worse humans than actually turn it into something good: exchange of ideas into something better or more understanding to solve conflict. We are prioritizing our egos more than what we enjoy: the game.

Even worse, the most popular opinion, which is often purely emotional, is making the biggest changes rather than the most objective or constructive opinion. And companies are even taking sides in which ‘opinions’ to protect or listen to, regardless if it hurts them or their other customers.

However, it is fair to say that social media algorithms are also training us to be this way. Because of a game-ification of social interactions and negative trends like hate being more shared. It is only gonna continue to get worse until it can begin to get better.


complaining is a way of life, they are hopeless

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You don’t say


Complaining about people is also complaining


Like this very thread.

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