Most fun I have had in a long time

The recent server merges are a step in the right direction. While AGS does have a lot more to work on, just having servers with an active PVP population shows that this game still has long-term potential.

The company I am in, which is still fairly new, just got Reekwater and its the first territory we won. Then merges happened. Then the day after merges, at least 30 greens from 6 different companies showed up to push influence at 1 in the morning (Saturday). So we pulled people from dungeons, brought in a few other purples to fight them off outnumbered (was like 20 v 30). It was really a lot of fun.

The main issue is they had 1 objective and our objective was to stop them. However, their one objective is really the only objective for anyone to actively zerg flagged in large numbers.

AGS, please introduce more reasons to run zerg flagged. Loot luck was ok but not really enough. I don’t think I’ve had a faction v faction in shattered since November. Here are some ideas. While there are plenty of ways to do this in a new zone, these ideas will be solely focused on augmenting the current content.

  • Introduce resource world bosses that will spawn at a fort within a specified timeframe if a faction successfully holds the fort for 30 minutes. At 30 minutes, the doors will lock to all other factions and the world boss will spawn. Said world boss will either break apart into a bunch of Resource nodes depending on the region, or will drop really good loot (I prefer the prior since you don’t seem to know what good loot is)

  • Change an elite zone to an auto-flag zone at a certain point in the day. For a certain amount of time, maybe 90 minutes or so, ALL chests respawn every 30 minutes, any resource nodes’ respawn times are reduced by 70% and mob respawn times are also reduced by 30%.(Mobs spawn more rapidly to still make it more challenging in case there’s no contest). During this time, Camps can be built anywhere but they can also be destroyed by the other faction. Camps built in this area will need a different recipe than regular camps (Potentially even needing a certain amount of special items dropped from mobs and bosses). Probably a few more tweaks are needed to make this fully voluntary and so no one is accidentally forced into pvp.

  • Introduce a faction assassination target. How this would work is, say you are out about and you’re flagged. If you are randomly chosen, a message will pop up giving you the option to become a target. If you live for some amount of time (maybe 30 minutes), You(or potentially your company) will get a cash reward (maybe 3k for personal or 10k for the company; this could even be a selection option). Any group who kills you though will get 50% of that reward (so 300 each, or the company gets 5k) To make it so the target can’t just hide somewhere, each player in the other factions who are flagged will get a marker on their compass. It won’t be continuous but will appear for 10 seconds at an interval that will decrease as players get closer to the target.

Please pardon my terrible prose. I was not an English major


Those are some really cool ideas! And I’m glad you’re having a lot of fun after the merge.

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not bad at all. tbh.
good ideas

The server merges have really given back the feeling of an alive and buzzing New World!


bro u know that theyre merging servers because the quantity of players is droping so hard that entire servers are just dying

is this a right direction? lol

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