Most people are not even allowed to play end game

So, I got several points that I would like to address which makes this game flawed by design…

What is the point of invasions being 10 players picked and 40 random if you can get kicked several times after being invited several times by the system LOL ??

If you don’t know the owner of a territory your chances to get in a war are ZERO.

Besides the technical issues and limits now I understand why the world population has to be that low. But even so regular people won’t be able to even play this type of content.

And no this is not me whining about only levels 60 with GS 550+ get selected because that’s not the real problem here. (Eventually that wont matter).

Solutions ??

  • Make them completely random and allow kicking only if AFK.
  • Army in-game voice channel.
  • Increase the number of events occurring at the same time so more people are allowed to play, the downside with this is that the low popular zones will likely lose.
  • Suggestions? Enlighten me please.

I found these types of situations very complicated and I don’t see them being fixed or addressed soon.


I was picked for an Invasion then kicked out right before it started, that should not be possible.

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