Mote grind is even more of a grind

Ok so you removed the way to get quints from the mobs, that’s ok and you have nerfed the amount of resources gathered from elemental mobs, that’s fine. They are not worth killing at all now but thast’s fine. The problem is motes are used for just about every trade skill and are pretty much a currency on it’s own because everyone needs motes for everything, you have nerfed them from all sources that it now takes 3 times longer to gather than it did before. So for example lets say you spent 5 hours a day farming the motes you needed for all the consumables etc you needed for that day before, you now need to spend 15 hours a day.

You have turned a game about grinding everything constantly to even more of a grind. plants and rocks need to be buffed and drop more motes, atleast 4 times the amount they drop now. How am I expected to play and enjoy the game when I need to grind 20 hours a day just on materials.


Not entirely sure how this is a Bug or Exploit, belongs in General Discussion if anything.



Thankfully I managed to grind out my voidbent gear before these mote nerfs. Lawd help everyone else about to start that awful grind

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