Mounts, even if its as basic as a horse

The teleporting to inns is okay, but being able to ride a horse or some kind of mount would be amazing, you can even tie it in with having to maintain the mount with food, storage, cost, care. what ever is needed to get us a mount would be awesome please


no. Go back to wow


or you could buzz off with your negativity.


Nope… End of argument Mount is a NO no in NW and alots of no

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Not needed. Making your way on foot to your destination is much better, plus you explore places you would otherwise just ‘ride’ through.

Tired of people making these lazy excuses for things to be in the game.

Mounts ruin pvp, simple as that.

I personally don’t want to see mounts the way WoW did it, I’d like to see a taming skill added, you can learn to tame small creatures first and as you level up taming you can eventually ride a horse or a bear etc. like how they did it in UO. I’d also like to see veterinary skill so you can heal your mount/pets and use your pets in battle.


the games more then pvp, i dont play pvp, im here for the game mate, not a lazy excuse either, having a horse in the medieval era makes since

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id love that, im not looking for anything wow or pvp focused, simply a mount but your idea sounds amazing

see its answers like this that make me wish i could block or mute members. its just pure negativity, and just nos

I understand how everyone doesn’t want mounts, I also don’t want mounts. But hear me out, this is what I personally would love to see, mounts that are only cosmetic. They wouldn’t change your speed and they would despawn as soon as you get off of them, it might sound useless but I’d love to go around new world on a horse or any other type of mount only if it’s like I said.

i like someone elses idea up ahead, they mentioned taming small animals, up to larger ones, the concept sounds neat to me :slight_smile:

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