Mounts for riding

Hey Devs! i wondered if we are going to get mounts in the future like a basic horse or something will do nothing special! :grinning:


stop with the mounts…seriously.

it’s getting old…

it’s a dead horse…

it has been posted many many times…

get over it…travel is cheap. No need for mounts.


just because YOU don’t want mounts doesn’t mean that you speak for everyone. Every topic on this front page is damn near a dead horse…so get over yourself.

I would love mounts. I think the map needs to be expanded more for it to really be effective. My major concern with mounts is that based on how the game works now and all the bugs…it would kill it lol.


YOU don’t speak for everyone either. Read this forum…you are not the popular vote.


LMAO…ok Mr. Statistics…

Prove to me having mounts is the unpopular vote.

I also never claimed to speak for everyone…that was you.


I want mounts and I want to buy mount skins.


It’s not only about getting from point A to B. Riding on Mounts, when done correctly, can actually be fun! Who wouldn’t want to ride through aeternum on a horse??

They would allow for more gameplay additions too:
You could craft armor for your horse, horseshoes to make it faster or give it some storage at the cost of speed.

Imagine fighting a war and cavalry with spears arrives?


Please no.
Travel is already fast and teleportation is essentially free. Because of the design of all the methods of travel, there’s no reason to add mounts other than to require the devs to create a brand new system (along with the subsystems) when they’re already swamped with everything else.

I’m for mounts the day there’s a justifiable reason for having them. Other than “it would be cool,” there’s no real reason or need for them to exist right now.

Mounts existed in WoW because there were multiple continents and they were HUGE. By comparison, Aeternum is a fraction of one continent.


I watch streams like wow or lost ark where there are these pets and mounts following their player around and I’m instantly turned off from the game. Please don’t do that to new world. The game just doesn’t need them and honestly they look kiddish.


Mount could have been implemented with Full Zone PVP with killable Mount !
Make no sense now in New World.

NO thank you


n a h


Please refer to the link.

Yes I think it is a good bet mounts are already being worked on.


Yeah you can fast travel but we want to travel on a mount especially with the world getting new zones


I am only ok with mounts if they do them differnt. I dont want horses and I sure dont want whatever the heck is going on with WoW.

Let me ride around in a azoth powered car.

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two door coupe with the drop top so my great axe can sit passenger as I pass by the hunnies on monarch’s bluff beach. I can see it now!

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Undead horse mount from LOTR please ty. :vampire:

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After that, folks will want flying, where does it end. If players can ride you have to let the races on the island as well! WHOLE can of worms!

More than that supports we will be getting mounts. There is vid of Lane says it’s about when and how (just before launch). So in truth, there is no longer about if we get mounts


I would like for us to be able to tame and ride the boars in the game. Maybe make em only last for like 24 hours, and not be able to be used in like pvp or dungeons.