Mounts will not ruin the game

I’ve seen people saying that mounts would ruin the game, mostly because they state that the speed of the mount will just make it so that you won’t explore and experience the world, and that it would be detrimental to PVP (check my edit at the end of this post).

If anything, that’s what azoth and the fast travel is doing. Mounts would make it so that some of the players would experience the world even more, if anything.

For example, I have azoth extraction on all my tools and I do corruption runs a lot - because of this I have had zero issues with fast travelling everywhere. Which means I’m bypassing most of the world exploration and the experience of that.

I know adding a mount on top of the current fast travelling system could make that worse, for some. For others, it would mean that they wouldn’t bother farming azoth as much and they would rely more on the mount to get around - actually experiencing the world.

I think mounts could be a nice addition, specifically for the people that like the idea of exploring and moving around in Aeternum.

I know for a fact that I wouldn’t fast travel as much, if I had a mount. I would see more of the world, no doubt about it. But again, this is very much a subjective thing. But I don’t see it ruining the game, not even a little bit.

Mounts would be a GREAT addition to the game.

Edit: For the people saying that it would ruin PVP, I don’t necessarily think so. They could add a daze effect if hit, while on mount. Or like others have stated in the comments below, disable mounts if PVP is enabled? There are obviously simple ways to mitigate (negate?) this “issue”.


Would kill open world pvp though


I don’t necessarily think so. They could simply fix that with a daze effect, if hit while on mount.


As simple as you cannot use your mount if PVP is on

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I disagree, we’d only be adding to the struggles of open world pvp

i think a better solution would be ingame transport systems that either cost gold or materials from which you should be able to hop off as it transits from one city to the other.
Like a form of open world carriage, you could set up 2 kinds, one that runs faster and has pvp enabled for risky transit, or a safe one thats a bit slower

But mounts, not a good idea in my opinion


They definitely will be useful, but not right now.It will be just one more thing to break and needs fixing.Let it be for a few months at least and then they just might consider adding them.

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Absolutely agree there! This is most definitely a thing they should focus on later down the line. I think there are way more important features and issues that need solving before adding things like mounts. Absolutely right.

For PVP, they could lower the mount speed or flat out disable them. That way it would be barely affected or not at all.

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would be awesome with railroads or a underground subway network with stations allover the island.


I hate this Discussion.
In the Alpha there was no Teleportation System and i find the Teleportation System very nice instead of needing to Go everywhere with a Mount.
They could increase the Azoth Cap that would be a Fix.

If a Faction is trying to gain influence in the territory you own, with large amounts of players doing PVP missions. How do you have time to react if they are using mounts? You need to mobilize all members online. And try and get more players to log in to the game
The endgame in New World is territory control, and the loop around it. Mounts would destroy that imo.

And I personally never feel the need for mounts. If I’m going some where it’s always a zig zag collecting resources that I need.

No. Mounts. Thank you.


Yeah, teleportation should definitely not be removed. But I think mounts could be a nice addition, without removing the much needed fast travel system. This way, the people that don’t like fast travelling all over the world, missing out on actual exploration and experiencing the world, will get a nice addition. Whereas the people that just want to go from A to B can use the fast travel system like nothing has changed.

I’m simply voicing my positive opinion on the matter, because there are most definitely people out there that would like to see mounts in the future.

Also, excluding the benefits from the conversation. I just like the idea of having a mount in a MMO. It just feels right. Your own companion on your travels.

I’d like to see mounts when the map gets bigger :slight_smile:

Sorry bub but right now you can run from north end to south end in a depressingly short amount of time considering the alleged distance you are covering.

If anything, avatars run TOO FAST.

Want mounts? Sure… no problem. Put them in but their max speed should match the avatar’s current running speed. Avatars would then be changed to walk as fast as they move when weight-burdened and when ‘running’ it’d be as fast as the current ‘walk’ speed (which has the avatar actually jogging).

Avatars should still be able to access the current running speed but it’d be a SPRINT that drains stamina to zero in less than 100m distance. You get the ability to sprint at 150 constitution. You sprint by ‘dodging forward’ (yes that would be changed to sprint).

I see where you are coming from, and that would most definitely have an effect in terms of people using mounts doing PVP missions, stacking influence really fast.

But there are ways to mitigate that. With this patch, for example, they are changing the amount of influence attackers get from doing activities in a territory. Which means that Amazon could easily tweak that, if necessary, when mounts are introduced.

I guess you could also make it so that if you are PVP-toggled, you can’t use a mount. That way you can’t do the PVP missions while on a mount.

There are probably really clever ways of balancing this.

Stop being lazy and enjoy open world with harvesting stuffs. It ll kill trade skills roleplaying. Game just relaesed and people start complainig already. Stop compare it with other games and play it like how its like. Maybe in the future with bigger map.
People who play fps games 2-3 hours in a day judging game for travel/mount system beacuse of time. Its a mmorpg, grind game. Its not a game for 1-2 hours for a day.

I will admit that I struggle with Azoth. I have it on all my tools, but I also spend it crafting things for the trading hub, thus fast traveling is in a way linked to coin for me. I do listen to, and respect the opinion that people want mounts. Especially in todays society people get mortified if they have to spend 5 minutes doing “nothing”. It is how we’ve become because of internet tbh.

However. Currently I own 2 houses, which means I have 3 teleport locations. Mine are spread fairly well and I rarely feel I have a long travel time to anywhere. Sure it can take me like 30 minutes to run from Monarchs to Windsward, but that is if I pick stuff up along the way. If I just run while watching youtube it rarely takes me more than 5 minutes to between most locations.

One thing games have done for years is that they measure map size in “square km” or similar, but the problem is distance is irrelevant. A 1000 sq km map is a lot bigger on foot, than in a plane. Adding mounts to the game would reduce the mapsize by 50%, and I’m not sure I would like it that way.

And people complain not enough people are flagged as is is lol.

I had the idea of mounts, but only giving a speed bonus while on a road, otherwise it’s just a skin for look. Another idea based off that, is a consumable that does the same,(food or potion, etc) grants a speed bonus buff, BUT only while on a road…

maybe in future