Mounts=weapon instead

Just throwing this out there for fun maybe it’s terrible maybe I’m onto something I’ll let others decide. Many players want mounts to get around the map faster and just as many think the map is to small and fast travel points are fine for getting place to place. So my idea was why not take the opportunity to make something more then just a mount for travel.

Basically make the mount another “weapon” you mount the horse and have 3 abilities some of those abilities pvp focused such as “Net” you throw a ranged net at target knocking them off the horse (This engages you into pvp), “Lance” you joust an opponent knocking them to the ground stunning them for “X” another pvp engaging ability, “Sprint” you increase your speed by “X” and so on and so forth get creative.

I just though it might be fun to engage pvp players on horseback using abilities to knock them off the horse then engage in combat. Why not do something different then just mounting a horse and running around. I thought I’d just put it out there for the community to judge if it’s terrible or maybe interesting enough to look at.

Sounds fun lol

what happens to that “weapon” once you dismount in combat?