Mourningdale Fort Bonus- Completely or just Functionally Useless?

I’ve been curious about this since it was on the PTR. It’s only +5 to max, not to minimum, and it doesn’t go above 600. All of the other items (gear, food, town buff, jewelry and trophies) add to both minimum and maximum.

So, for example, if you don’t have the Weaponsmith pants and hat, without the buff, you can only craft from 591-596. With the buff from MD fort, your range would extend to 591-600. So you can technically craft 600 level items without certain gear, but the ratio is going to be even worse than it is now because your gear range covers 10 possibilities, instead of just 6 if you have all the gear, town buff, food and trophies. Same thing if you only had 2/3 major trophies, or you had all basic trophies. Now you could go up to 600, but with (even more) terrible odds of getting a legendary.

It’s also not a big enough buff that you can swap something like Asmodeum for a lower tier item, like Cinnabar or Tolvium and still craft a 600 item. You are just going to be able to craft those items at 595 instead of 590. Haven’t tested to see if it’s a range from 590-595 or just flat 595 now. I would guess it’s a range, though. I’ll check it out further next time I’m online and my faction controls the fort.

All told, I don’t really see a point to this buff. With the insane cost of crafting, it’s ultimately going to be cheaper in the long run to buy the gear (or devote the time to farming it) than it will be to waste mats crafting 591-600 stuff. Is there something that I’m missing? Is there anyone who is actually excited about this particular buff, and sees an advantage that I don’t?

It should be +5 min score then it be worthwhile.

People would be fighting over that fort day and night if that was the case. Which I think would be great, and probably what the devs intended. But, as we saw with how fast they hotfixed the Tempest Heart replicas, they don’t want us to craft guaranteed 600 (or to enjoy crafting at all).

I think a better option (from the dev point of view) would be to either change it to +10, so you could have a possibility of crafting 600 using one lower tier mat, or extending the upper boundary of the range to allow for above 600. So fully buffed, someone could craft 595-605 range, which would give them 6/11 odds of getting legendary… That would be a bonus worth fighting for.

omg this ^^^^ so much of this

wouldn’t the only reason to want it be to hit 600 weapon smithing without needing the pants?

Or armoring without the Hat and/or Shirt. But still, since it isn’t raising the floor, is anyone really going to craft with a range of 593-600?

i mean for 593-600 weaponsmithing maybe. its risky but its ether that or farm and or spend like 200k for the pants to only then spend WAY more getting some golds.

also armoring is 100% not worth it as you can get the armor fairly easily. and at minimum buying it isnt as bad as the weapon pants.

I farmed the pants, and ended up just buying them. If you’re patient, you can typically get them under 150k now. I was impatient, and I did 150k + 55 asmo. If you’re trying to make money at it (LOL), it still might be better to buy the pants. I’ll have to do the math again after prices stabilize post patch, but a GA used to cost around 17k to craft using Thwarting Strikes and 14k using Refreshing Move.

Assuming a linear distribution of odds 595-600 gives 1/6 odds of legendary and 593-600 gives 1/8. So not having the WS pants in that situation means you’re wasting anywhere from 28k-34k in mats before an expected legendary. Locking RM gives the best odds of hitting the BiS RM TS Keen axe, and it’s cheaper. It removes 21 of 53 possibilities. So you can expect to get 1 TS every 32 rolls. You can make a small profit on those, even if they aren’t legendary. More if they are, even with a dead or deadish 3rd perk. Then to hit Keen, assuming TS rolls as your 2nd perk, you’re removing another 10 perks, so you’re down to 22. So odds of getting all 3 perks is 1/704 before factoring in the odds of the item rolling legendary. Add that in and your at 1/4224 with the pants and 1/5632 without. So theoretically you would need to roll an additional 1408 GAs to hit that super BiS. At 14k per, that’s almost 20 million extra gold. Makes 150k for the pants seem reasonable.

The main point of all of this, though, is that you are going to waste a ton of gold as a weaponsmith. If you’re struggling with the thought of paying 150k for the pants, then you should really look into a different profession, especially after you’ve probably spent 250k+ leveling up to 200.

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