Mouse/keyboard suddenly losing input

Im having this weird problem, sometimes it seems like its lag, sometimes not.
Suddenly my mouse or keyboard will stop responding, never both at the same time.
Like, my character will stop running when Im pressing W and nothing that I press will happen, but my mouse keeps working, I can look around and if I click my character will attack.
Sometimes my mouse will stop responding for a few seconds, and I cant look around, but I can run and jump.
I did not have this problem till the last patch. I don’t know if is something wrong with my hardware, I use a logitech wireless mouse/keyboard.

Does anyone had something similar? What can I do?

Hello @foldmat,

I’m sorry for the issue you are having with your mouse/keyboard,
lets try a couple of things, first ensure Wireless Drivers as well as Network card drivers are fully updated. Power cycle Internet devices (Modem and Router).
Next try this:

  1. Switch to a wired keyboard and mouse, or controller. This will ensure that wireless latency or interference isn’t a factor in your situation. If switching to wired doesn’t improve your input latency, you can switch back to your preferred peripherals.
  2. Set V-Sync to OFF for the lowest possible input latency.
  3. Try adjusting your in-game video settings to reduce the amount of work your computer’s doing. This can reduce input lag in some cases.

Let me know if you still need more help with this. Take care.

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