Movement Bug Continues to Ruin Wars

Nothing has made me want to quit this game more then this bug in war. Literally ruins wars. Happened to me today as well.

Here’s a screenshot of the debuffs I had when I died, when I respawned I had the bug. To be clear I run in place unless I dodge, or use movement abilities.


@Kay One of the people in this video received a perma ban just because he recorded how to do it to help the community. Why would the dev team be so petty to ban a player for helping bring light to an issue?

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God bless you :slight_smile:

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Still happening to us, ruining wars.

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Happened today. I played Warzone instead.

So people are exploiting it. Where are the bans? @Luxendra
Or is AGS going to ignore it just like every other PvP exploit since launch?

Or just shut down PvP already. It’s clear that the PvPers in this game insist on ruining it every possible way they can. It’s just not worth the resources to keep fixing things.

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Because they told us not to do that anymore and instead message them directly with a video that is NOT publicly listed.

They were ridiculously slow to implement this but finally they have – even though MMOs have been doing it this way for around 20 years.

Wish more mods gave ppl this explanation on other bug reports as well.

Like hatchet dmg buff thingy or greataxe double dmg thiny stayed like that for a while and no mod responded like this so everyone just assumed mods were ignoring us and devs had no idea.

All we got was: “We will let devs know”
“Devs are working on it but can’t give ETA”

The only way anything gets attention in this game is for it to become such a big problem that they are forced to work on it. They have been told multiple times, for months about this bug but it still continues to ruin one of the biggest parts of this game. Every forum post I saw was archived and marked as resolved because someone said logging out fixed the issue and that was an acceptable resolution for the dev team. Meanwhile, we have people who yell racist things in comms all day long on our server but are able to overturn their permaban without an issue, how does that makes sense? The management for this game has no clue what they’re doing.


Further exacerbating the issue is by now players have figured out how to trigger the bug, or at least know the general circumstances, and then actively try to inflict it on people theyre fighting in wars. The void/ice meta also makes the bug more frequent organically from normal engagements.

Bugs are frustrating and prolonged inaction by devs can make people leave the game. People exploiting bugs and tipping the scales in pvp can make people rapidly leave the game, particularly when amazon is so reluctant to take action against exploiters.

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Tried relogging and I still have it when I went back on.


This bug has been in the game for over a month now and there is no fix in sight. This movement bug is both in OPR and wars, and is the most important PvP bug right now. All we hear is, “We’re working on it” while releasing awful grindfest PvE content NO ONE asked for. Congratulations!

I guess they’ll fix it when most of this population leaves for other games like Lost Ark next month.

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You have to close the game, wait 2 mins then log back on.

Please fix these movement bugs they kill PVP especially for tanks which get these more often

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Ive seen a couple variations on this bug lately in wars, and I noticed the same initial circumstances each time.

Someone got a speed related buff or debuff applied, then died before it expired while being stunned.

1: One guy had a beacon on him, I whacked him with WH and burst him down with GA and he died in a second, came back and hes that much faster forever. He proceeded to sprint around the war pestering us by poking at points and fleeing faster than anyone could chase.

2: I was rooted by VG, stunlocked with hammers until dead, and spent the next 15 minutes of war running in place if I hit W. I was still able to dodge directionally to get to the points and put up about 700,000 damage with GA/WH but it was horrible to deal with on a defense war.

I noticed that taking a haste potion actually enabled me to run while affected by this “debuff/buff not removing bug” but it was the running animation in super slow motion.
This makes me think the “root” is also just a -100% movement speed buff in the way it works. Adding a bit of speed let me move, but only that tiny bit more than nothing.

It definitely comes down to CC/Stun chains interrupting the queuing of the removal of a buff from your player, and what you get is a variety of effects from the same issue.

fast movement/slow movement and the wonderful diseased forever bug all caused by the same core problem with how the server is handling queued buff related events on your player.

Something is stopping that “remove buff” phase from occuring.


It’s ice wall and grav from what I can tell. Smash a cleanse pot when you get hit with ice

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It’s to the point where factions are abusing this bug and taking cities. I really hope this bug gets fixed soon.

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Had another war today where almost 1/3 of our attacking team got this bug. Im really happy the grind fest garbage PvE content is being worked on though.


Freakin Ice Gauntlet has what now: Movement Bug it causes
DPS bug it causes
Stackable fields if you abuse it…

Please dear DEVs you will lose your Playerbase if you dont fix these issues!!!

Just lock the damn ice gauntlets so people can not wear them in OPR and WAR for the time being, until you fix these damn freaking issues!

how hard can it be…

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This bug won’t be fixed soon i guess… Sadly :frowning: it’s now over 11 weeks in the game. Kay and other Devs told us multiple times, it would be on the radar and they have a fix. But nothing happened yet. All the major game-breaking bugs like movement, Desync and weapon switch are already killing the game right now. 11 weeks and not one real statement about this bug, just a few dev posts like from Kay here above. Rlly sad. Worst communication ever

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They have no idea how to fix it, it must be something bigger. Same as weapon swap bug they wrote there is a problem with whole game code. Otherwise they would make it fixed long time ago. Game is just broken, they released this game too soon and that was a big mistake which killed game. Imagine going through alpha, beta, offical realse in 4 months I knew that will be suicide.

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