Movement controls

I am really not enjoying the movement controls.

I feel like I am constantly fighting to move my avatar instead of being able to focus on fighting the mobs. Using the WASD keys I expect the W to move me forward, A to turn left, D to turn right and S to go backwards. But it seems like most of the time I am moving past my target and fighting to get it back in front of me.

This seems to get worse when I hold down the mouse button for a strong attack. Holding down the mouse button seems to lock out the WASD keys so I cannot adjust the way my avatar is facing.

This is not only during combat. Even when travelling it just feels like I am fighting the game to move where I want.


Bc the basic run is the old sprint. There used to be a casual run and then shift to sprint. Now that its just sprint speed all the time your character feels floaty and slippery. Meanwhile the attacks are geared to the old “souls like” combat system that they gutted some months back. They root you in place but combined with the now faster base movement it feels janky as all hell. They don’t realize how bad the movement got, getting rid of shift to sprint. You need that middle ground run between standing and sprinting that balances it out and smooths out character movement.

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Agree 100% Movement is awful

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