Movement speed forum post... (no mounts)!

So um I posted about this in the Open Beta and it did get notices by a lot of people but probably not the staff. As most of the forum users know, mounts are in the midst of a huge debate and obviously will not be added any time soon.
I have quickly thought of other reasonable solutions to help with the lack of speed and make the core fun of the game more important.

  1. I was thinking that making people walk faster on roads would help and maybe even make roads an upgradable thing in the town so people go faster. It of course should not be a lot but about 10% speed boost would help.
  2. Maybe also making the movement of when you unequip an item faster. Would make utility of the ‘x’ I believe. Kind of like Apex Legends where when you hold nothing you go faster.
  3. This one might not be liked by all, I even doubt it but maybe having players press a button when they walk every like 2-3seconds to mimic something like breathing or your steps.
    (My example doesn’t rly sound good but just something to do when you run so you’re not obliged to auto-run afk and rewarded for not doing so)

There are probably more solutions to fix this unending walking simulator and I would love to see more in the comments :slight_smile:


I second this (#1 & #2) and you did mention it in the Beta. Bump


The game world is Tiny. Mounts would be horrific. Enjoy the scenery and immersion instead of being in a rush. Stop and smell the roses.

  1. Most people don’t use roads, cause then you miss all the content. So this is dumb.

  2. What’s the difference between unequipping something to go faster or equipping a horse to go faster, except I get screwed out of a majestic horse. Nope.

  3. Seriously? Now you want me to play Dance Dance Revolution to move? on top of trying to pay attention to what’s around me? Seriously? No.

Obviously the travel times are a problem, that’s why everyone is trying to figure out how to make them shorter. The answer is obvious though, just give us mounts. Poof problem solved.


Roads are usable and its not like you really miss any content, half of the map until like lvl40 (where I’m at) is almost the same until you go to the actual monument you have your quest in. That’s why by taking roads you can quickly go to your monument and enjoy the game when arrived. There should be a difference between slowly walking through the wilderness for scouting missions, hunting, etc. and straight killing monsters at monuments.
Also, the difference between mounts and just unequipping:

  1. Massive speed diff, unequipping would give like 10-20% speed buff max, which is noticeable but wouldn’t completely destroy wild pvp. As again with example of Apex were when you are unarmed you are weaker and vulnerable but faster.
  2. Its a way easier solution then waiting for mounts. I also love mounts and one of my favourite thing in an mmorpg would be to collect them. However, I agree with most people who say the map is too small and just cant have mounts. There’s a reason servers only have like 2k+ people, its not cuz of the amazon servers capacity, but more to not get overcrowded in these small zones. (well relatively small, 2k+ is still a lot)
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Well I mean they took the time to add lore into the game as to why there are no mounts. Granted its a fairly silly reason in the lore.

Still, just taking the time to do that would indicate that they likely have no intention to add them. Who knows… My guess is mounts simply don’t fit in with their vision for the game and the mechanics built into it.

EDIT: And whoops. I actually meant to add my reply to the other thread that was actually about adding mounts and not yours lol.

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And in case anybody didn’t see it yet…


I don’t understand why so much people are complaining about this.
You can do recall’s, fast travel (teleporting) and when it say’s 700-800 meter I am there really quick.
I love the world and the nature and the looks and graphics of it al.
I think it’s fine how it is.
I think you also could have expected it with a game like this.
In GTA sometimes you need to drive for 10 minutes and you don’t have teleporting options :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Upgradable thing for speed in the town?
    Would ruin PVP.
    And most people don’t use the roads because of the animals and PVE and things you can find an harvest outside the roads

  2. And how much profit is a solution like this going to give?
    1 minute profit on a 5 min walk?

I really don’t understand why so many people are complaining about it in this game with the recall’s in and teleporting (fast travel).
I think its fine. I never walked for more then 4-5 min I think.
In a game like GTA i drive longer to a mission sometimes

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I find myself never using roads when I’m flagged and doing PvP missions / or I’m on the way to an fort to defend. I think that’s a general consensus for PvP-ers.

Just worth a mention. :wink:

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Man always the pvp argument… You can hardly call it a PvP game anymore. It’s a PvE game with PvP elements IF YOU WANT.

Mounts literally bring only good to the game. Making it more fluid and quicker. The world is beautiful yes, but it is static. Not much to discover.
Movement speed boosts or easier fast travel are inevitable.

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I hope they will never add that.
Then I stop playing the game.

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I think a town upgrade to improve roads is a good thing. A small buff to speed. You are already missing out on all the collectibles by not going thru the woods so it’s already a loss. But sometimes I just want to run to an objective and don’t have the time to collect things.

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Mount will just kill more the open PvP. But I guess you don’t care

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I don’t think it will.

But honestly, you are absolutely correct, I don’t give a rats ass about open world PvP. PvP is always an excuse to make games less fun and I hate that.

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So to add to my first main point in terms of PvE the game could maybe make more collectibles outside of roads (forests, plains, etc) so that players are in a way punished for not going through the forests for example but rewarded for faster movement speed.

It could add a little extra strategy to the game where before u begin your journey you decide if u want to pass by roads or not.

The problem is what type of “collectible” would be intresting to get, instead of going faster through roads. Trees/any type of mining node is easy to get through maps online. These “collectibles” should be kinda rare, random and useful… idk for what though…

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I dont use the roads. Anywhere i walk to i cut through all the terrain…collect what i need…and push on until i get where i need to be.

We dont need mounts in this game imho. Would they be nice? Sure. Would i use one if they are implemented? Absolutely. Do we need them? No, we dont need them at all.

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Time for rickshaws, don’t forget to tip your driver.

I don’t want mounts until the game is much bigger.

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When they add horses, they also will make the map bigger and the distances to quest’s. You are still traveling the same time. Look at games like RDRD2

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