Moving Grainy Texture on Ground

Okay, the ground textures in my game have moving grainy spots. I’m running on medium settings with i5 9600k and an RTX 3070. It does the same thing on Low and High video settings as well.
I have verified local game files.
GPU is up to date.
In the image that is half under an archway, the issue is only on the side of the screen that is in the open world. Here are some screenshots and a video.

Has anyone run into an issue like this or have any suggestions?

this is rain on the ground lol

It would indeed look like some random rain patches, still, they do look weird so I’d appreciate you if you could send an in-game report to get all the details.
Follow the steps below:
Press Esc, click Game Menu, and then click Submit Feedback.
Describe the feedback, rate your experience, and then click Submit.


I’ve submitted feedback twice and received no response.

Has anyone found a fix for this? After patch 1.0.3 I am also seeing this. In addition there is a strange sky blur on some textures. It is not rain, there is no weather features in game yet.

still no fix that i have found. Dev’s have yet to reply with an update either

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