Moving on (this sucks)

You are just wrong.
Its that simple.

You arguments are just wrong.

You came on the forum to post about people posting about it being just a game. Ummm!

It’s because they love this game but burnt out by disappointment in their eyes. When your so passionate about something but you feel you can’t carry on with, you tend to speak out…


Because this isn’t a single player playthrough pump and dump game. It’s supposed to be an MMO which typically will have the same players playing for years not just some measly hundreds of hours. I played GW2 for 7700+ hours, GW2 is a good game. I’m losing more and more interest in this game every patch, it saddens me.


Yes that is a pretty accurate description of, well, of literally every post on this forum. But it’s intersting and fun to chit chat about.

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if gw2 such a great game why u quited???

Ok so this particular game is not for you. Why is that such a big problem? Isn’t there also thousands of other games that also isn’t for you?

I think it’s great when people provide constructive criticism. I just wonder why this particular games seems like such a big deal for so many players. it’s like they had these amazing big plans and expectations so a normal gaming experience is not enough for this game.

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I expected a cop out copy/paste like that. Thanks for confirming you are trolling.

Yes this is the game for me. They just need to stop making stupid decisions.

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I see this argument all the time, they defend the 40$ price because we have supposedly gotten our money’s worth, but they dont understand its not an singleplayer RPG but a MMORPG…

You buy MMORPG to make your hours IG mean something. You are working towards a goal and building an account.
They just dont seem to understand why people play MMORPG’s or the concept of it.

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Is any decision you don’t like stupid?

Now we are getting somewhere. So you are extra upset when this game in particular didn’t meet your personal expectations, right?

Can you fathom the idea that the game have meet the expectation of other players and that other players may actually like the things you don’t like?

What if one spent 100’s of real government money in the cash ig shop (and have left over ig currency) along with the 40 they spent on the game, but left because their servers are dead, have they got their monies worth?

Totally agree with OP and after reading the underwhelming patch notes this morning I’ve decided to uninstall and move on. Endwalker is out in a few days it will be interesting to see if a bigger dip in numbers occurs.

Peace out and have fun.

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The problem with that argument is that you have got a free server transfer to make your own decision and mergers are coming.

So yes.

I’m not really here to defend my decisions but I think your not thinking things through well. For example: now that many people who raced through content have made elite status as crafters of 200 in every profession we are slowing it down for everyone else. Or: I used my server transfer to move to a high pop server that now has 250 people at peak. I can’t do it again so I need to reroll. Fire staff nerfs completely change how I play the game. I get your trying to win so I will give you another chance.

The game is not fun because of the changes that have been made since launch.

Also my quitting and being pissed has no monetary value to me. I don’t $per hour my games. I didn’t ask for a refund. I won’t be giving them any more.

If you are truly trying to understand peoples reasons for quitting then do that. I don’t care if you think I’m wrong. Don’t quit if you like the game. Super easy for you. But don’t pretend you just want to understand and then tell people they are wrong.

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They are just trying to bait people into an argument. It’s what trolls do, just ignore it, it won’t go away but it’s all bark anyways.

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What if you were on the 2nd biggest server, had to log in in the morning to avoid hour long queues and all your friends were on another server but were told “free server transfer, play where ever it’s cool” so wait over a month to move to the slightly not full server only to watch it die and get stuck there?

After spending 100’s on in game store, having left over ig currency and spending 40 on the game***

Edit: Yeh that’s what I thought, no quote fest for that.

I dont understand your reasoning?

So you think people have gotten their moneys worth after playing 400 hours + and that justifies all the mistakes, all the exploits, the broken code, the broken economy and the 100 other things i can list that is wrong with this game?

The early moneygrab release of a broken game is ok because ive played 400 hours and has gotten my moneys worth??

Do you really think people that have played this game have had their expectations met?
Thats absurd, even funny.

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didnt know that, ok i then stop trying this, thought this is the way to get away from them, but got killed all the time. Ok now that i know i cant even sweep them, i will just run away.

i agree with everything you said here.



i more or less like the game, but i cant motivate myself because of the way the progression takes place and the PvP imbalancies.
I am not a hardcore player, maybe an ambitious casual, i have already played +500hrs, but i’m not that much into min maxing and grinding as a zerg.
And recently everything feels unrewarding, i craft, and everything is scrap material.
I have to gather hundreds of thousands of t1 ressources and arent even in the higher tiers.
It’s frsutrating, there is less and less rewarding gameplay.
I dont need anything on a silver tablet, i can work in some stuff, but it all feels so unrewading and somehow flat.
Additional, the real RVR-PvP endgame is only for people in Mega Companies.
the whole Endgame BiS Gear grind is also only Mega Companies.
I got told even not to leech their zerg.

was thinking about to write congrats and that i agree, but this word got abused here too much :smiley:
So yes to all you said, i think the same and its also my biggest concerns.


I have never defended that. You are correct and that is bad. But the system was broken and needed to be fixed. AGS absolutely deserve criticism for releasing the game with a broken system but you can’t criticize them for fixing it.

Ok but mergers are coming. My server also have 250 people peak and it’s not like you can’t play and enjoy the game.

Ok, but we can choose to play with any weapon in this game. You can still play with the fire staff just fine.

We are chit chatting about the game. This is not a comopetition.

FOR YOU. you need to understand that people have different opinions. You have this opinion for what you enjoy. So the game is just fine, but not for you.

You are quitting the game over really silly reasons to be honest. That’s my personal observation anyway. And why do you even have to quit? Just don’t log in and then log in again if they make adjustments you like. You don’t have to make some grand decision bout it. Play or don’t play.

I understand why they are quitting. I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal for this game in particular.

I have been very clear about this if you read my posts. You can’t be wrong becasue you either like a game or you don’t. Nothing anything can say can make you like something. You either enjoy it or you don’t. I have said this.

Don’t make stupid straw man arguments because I will just put you on ignore. What you just said here are not true and I have never said anything like that.

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