Moving on (this sucks)

Have a nice life

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Good summary of the problems. I hope your wishes are realised because the game has potential. I have MMO’d since 1997 and this is the first game where the blind ineptitude of the dev’s has caused me to drop out and wait for the issues to be balanced… though I do suspect AGS will just drop the game.
I hope you find another game that works for you… me, Red Dead redemption 2 will have to keep me entertained.

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most games I just quit and never say anything. I felt based on my time played and the potential in this game which seems to be squandered currently that I had some valuable feed back I wanted to share.

I for sure got my money’s worth to an extreme degree and stated so in my post.

Played 1K hours, havent gotten my monies worth :smiley:

I feel the issue here is that it is an MMO, this isn’t a single player game meant to be played once or twice and moved on. AGS made an MMO which they hoped to monetize with mircrotransactions for years. This is not a game which will have years worth of life with its current path. T personally felt great about the game at 500 hours too, but the cracks really started showing in the last 2 weeks for me. I hope you get much more enjoyment out of the game and don’t get to the spot i’m in as i still love the combat, but have deep fundamental problems with the game.

I mean I love playing games in my free time what can i say lol. I don’t feel i’m burnt out tho i’m just frustrated with bad decisions from devs. If a patch came out tomorrow addressing my concerns I would reinstall, so burnt out is not the right word as you can be burnt out on things which are good as well. In my opinion new world is in a really bad spot and many people are seeing this IE the population drop week after week.

well atleast this one is entertaining, Tombstone is the Goat of wildwest movies don’t @ me

can i haves your stuff

well it is my hope the developers will read some of these post detailing why they only have 1/10 of their player base still playing. I really love this games combat and hope it can improve so i left this constructive feedback based on my experience. Can I ask why you clicked this post if you don’t like reading quit threads?

I feel this exactly lol

Agreed, my first mmo was in 2002. if you remember Shadowbane, Newworld so much reminds me of Shadowbane. Great concept with questionable decisions by devs at the helm.

This is not necessarily accurate. If you get a horrible steak from Ruth Chris for 100.00 complain, they cook another and its still crap, you’re friends are waiting so you eat it and leave. You didn’t get your 100.00 value for a great quality steak. If you knew it was going to be crap you could have went to Steak and Shake.

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I feel like 500 of my hours were super fun and well worth it. I do feel I got my moneys worth for those hours, but after 500 things went from filet mignon to week old strip steak. I just want to eat more filet mignon!

His name is John Smedley, and he cares not what we think, and will sink the game into oblivion because he knows someone else will hire him.

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Imma join you and wait what will happen next, maybe a couple years will do? Give a lottttt of time because they are all AMATEURS!!

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If it isn’t completely dead and abandoned in 1 year it will probably be quite good. The issue is the monetization is skin based and at some point amazon will just put it on life support. This is what the white knights don’t realize, with less and less players and with the remaining players telling those that leave that it’s justified because they got their $40 worth…Amazon will just put it on life support and call it a day as the people still playing thank them on their sinking ship.

crucible twooooo baybeeeeeeeeee
time to blacklist ags

We’re not seeing off a sibling moving away here.

This is a video game and they’re deciding to not play it anymore. You’re putting too much into it.

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This game makes me want to join the Squid Game! :face_vomiting:

There will be plenty of catch up boosts already tested to leave you wanting in need to buy more when you get back!