Much love to NW_Mugsy and team


As a person who’s worked in support for all my years, let me just say thanks to the team for putting up with the absolute monstrosity that these forums have become.

None of you personally deserve one ounce of the shit that gets thrown your way. As a game, New World isn’t where anyone of us hoped it would be, and that’s ok. Also, it isn’t your fault for that.

So in the middle of this absolute nuthouse, let me just say Topan - US East says o7 and keep up the good work.


Are you getting payed or do you work for AGS/Amazon??? :roll_eyes:


No, but it never hurts to speak a little truth :slight_smile:

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Just dont forget to pull back and breath…you wouldnt want to run out of breath!

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What part about paying the community managers a compliment has anything at all to do with the Developers?

It seems like it’s players like yourself that ‘Mugsy’ has to come into work and have to deal with.


Mugsy for AGS president!

I work in support myself and I agree. I think a little appreciation is in order. Thanks for putting up with this avalanche of shit.


I hope he loves his job, because whatever they pay him probably isn’t enough.


For doing the job they were hired to do?
The avalanche is self inflicted by AGS and its total detachment from the community/players.

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I am wondering if you all get the same shit at your work/school when you do something not in a perfect manner. If you do, it is what you deserve.

So getting paid x amount of money entitles other people to use you as a doormat? Whoever is making decisions at AGS is not the same person that manages this forum.

I don’t quite understand the sentiment. “They pay you so I can treat you as badly as I want.”

Yeah Mugsy did a good job a few days ago when a certain controversial topic suddenly flooded the forum. From what I read he did a good job at remaining unbiased and followed forum rules.


For sure,

I think in a lot of cases the community and forum MODs have done a good job in most situations with the information they had available or were allowed to discuss.

Yeah true. They’re only the messengers and have no say what the devs do but they do take the heat for it. I do have respect for them just wish they would talk more

Alright Support, Terrible Development. Sums it up perfectly.

Their might not be enough people that care for them to keep their jobs if the 2022 update happens. I would say working for a company like AGS you could be let go at any time based on the games revenue. It is all about the bottom line and with development decisions like this the support team will likely be the first to go.

I don’t think I can muster up love but I can muster up some pity

Yea, I was impressed with how he handled that as well. He focused on de-escalating the situation in an un-biased way as possible.

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Nice to see a thread like this, instead of the other incredibly moronic threads condemning a damn good update.

Let’s face it, those sad people will never be happy no matter what AGS do. They just want to feel relevant instead of tiny.

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Screw that. Mugsy has been here since this game went from something to hot garbage and has defended the whole way.

I think he is a great dude but his job is to eat $#it and there is a lot of $#it to eat right now cause his bosses are idiots. I’ll gladly make the plates.

I love you Mugsy but I won’t pull punches over this garbage.

Also please don’t suspend me again. Thanks

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