Much Needed Transmog System

Honestly it’s very sad that this game has the worst transmog system in an MMO. Even more sad due to how awesome some of the armor pieces are.

We should be able to mix and match different armor pieces to allow us to have some individuality and not all look the same.

Is there going to be a better transmog system down the road?, or are we stuck with this current system forever?


I think they have more important things to deal with at the moment, than to introduce new features into the game at this moment in time.

Hopefully through in the future this could be nice to have.


Yeah that’s true, still a ton of bugs need fixing. Fingers crossed the major ones are fixed soon and they can start working on extra features.

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I want new weapons. A dps Druid staff or a holy/spark healing one.

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@Rebby We completely understand where you are coming from with this statement. We want to ensure you that the team is continuously improving on New World and working each and every day to make sure current issues are fixed. Our team has also received a lot of feedback for new and improved innovative features that could possibly make their way to New World in the future!


I could possibly climb the Mount Everest ;o)

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