Multiple bugs. A lot of bugs

Multi bug.

Go get some testers to check your product.
When entering the game, the additional space in the storage disappears, this is solved by reinstalling the chests in the house.
In addition, your faction’s vendor has a 100,000 hour cooldown on Lazarus Orb instead of 8.
There are a lot of bugs and these are the main ones to fix at least them.

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Thanks for the report! They’re already listed in our Bugs Megathread with the associated workarounds :slight_smile:

In addition, we just pushed out a fix for the long cooldown on gypsum and tuning orbs. Please find the notice for it here: [Notice] April 1st, 2022 / April 2nd, 2022

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PLease fix the storage chest house Tier 4 ty.

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Another bug is sometimes when you swap weapons nothing works until you swap again.

This statement is not true. It is temporary solve only. After loggin off the storage will bug again and you have to re-do the solve to fix it temporary again. Please fix this in hotfix.


No solved for me reinstalling the chests in the house. just temporary until loggin off.

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Same and I even lose points from house score when I place them down instead of gaining points.

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