Multiple Monitor support non-existant

I have 2 monitors on my PC.
One is my primary monitor which is used for general web browsing and primary OS controls. (runs at 1280 x 1024@60Hz)

The secondary monitor is my gaming monitor (running 2560 x 1440@144Hz). I am unable to set “New World” to use my gaming monitor, which I could do during the initial beta. Under the release version the support for multiple monitors has been crippled to a point that I can only make the game run in a window (locked to 1280 x 1024) and move it onto my gaming monitor and have it exist in a tiny window.

In the last 20 years that I’ve used multiple monitors only a handful of games I’ve tried don’t have an option to choose which monitor to use when more than one is present. Are there any plans to remediate the regression you’ve put in place and maybe move forward with making the game usable for people in my situation or should we just give up now and get refunds?

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Gonna pile on this one. There are tools that help you get around it, but lack of multi monitor support is absurd. Considering the polish I’d expect from a company with products to support devs all over the place, I’m surprised this is even an issue.

What are the tools you mention, I’ve never needed them before. Do they work with New World specifically that you’re aware of or is it a generalised “software exists for these kinds of issues due to previously badly written software”?

Same here. I keep my gaming monitor as secondary and I can’t set it on New World. This is a very basic setting that almost every game has.

Hi @iusemultiplemonitors welcome to the forums!!

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.

Can you confirm the steps you did during Beta to be able to use New World on your secondary monitor and what changed since release?

I contacted the Devs team for a further insight about this.

Thanks and welcome back to Aeternum.

Hi, I can’t recall the exact process I used in beta. I remember that I had to put it into windowed mode and I was then able to maximize it in a window on the correct monitor - which is usable, even if it’s not pretty.

With the release version, if I put it into windowed mode and move the window to the correct monitor I can’t resize the window at all - if I try to put it into full screen the game will move back to the primary monitor and try to full screen there!
Here is a screenshot of New World after attempting to maximize it:
Screenshot 2021-10-05 121422|625x500

You can switch monitors quite easily holding the Windows key and pressing the left or right arrows on your keyboard. Though this is still a workaround that shouldn’t be necessary as you should be able to select the monitor it opens on.

NO… you cannot. This only works with monitors of the same resolution. If the monitor you are moving it to has a higher resolution, you will not be able to set it to that, as the game will only allow you to set the maximum resolution to whatever the monitors resolution is where it started.

This is a HUGE issue.

I have to change my main monitor, start New World change the resolution, then change my main monitor back. For Win10 users, its a bit easier, as you can move your taskbar from your main monitor, but for you Win11 users, you cannot do that.

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I’m aware of the Windows and arrow keys to move/dock windows and I’ll admit I hadn’t tried it with New World.

I have now tried it and it doesn’t do anything to the New World game window in either full screen or in windowed mode. As PublicX has mentioned, and as I mentioned in my initial post, as the primary monitor is a different [lower] resolution to my main gaming monitor the game will not allow me to select any resolution above the maximum size of my primary monitor.

If you use Nvidia

Right clic–> Nvidia control panel → set up multiple display → select your primary display with right clic on the number → done

So my monitors are set up correctly as you’ve suggested.
What is that meant to do exactly?

The game still runs on the primary monitor and is limited by the resolution of it. It can’t be expanded when moved to the gaming monitor.

Why isn’t your gaming monitor your primary monitor? That seems like the most logical solution

on your screenshot the B91D DVi screen is considered as your main screen. Is this really your gaming monitor? not the Asus?

if the Asus is your gaming screen in this case right click on the big number " 1 " in the second part entitled: “2.drag the icons to match your display configuration” and set it up as your primary screen

My primary monitor is my gaming monitor as Windows puts all desktop icons onto the primary monitor. Also the system tray for sound control, background apps, notifications only exist on the primary monitor.

That’s how it has been for years with Windows - it was only Windows 10 that gave you the option to choose to have the taskbar on all screens.

I feel that the logical solution would be for the games to be developed correctly and support a valid and logical configuration in monitor management. I don’t solely game on my machine. I could choose to toggle the primary monitor when gaming. However that causes Windows to move all of my desktop icons and shuffle them, so keeping a tidy layout is impossible. So that’s not a good option really.

As I, and Dalviks, mentioned earlier this isn’t an uncommon thing and there many popular games that are actually well written that support multiple monitors easily.

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I have the same setup as you and I just have my primary monitor set as my gaming monitor. Never had an issue. If i need to access the taskbar I just press the windows key. I don’t use desktop icons ever either. Obviously multi monitor support would be nice but it currently is not.

I’m glad that how you choose to setup your monitors works.
I was able to work with the beta using my current setup which I found acceptable to use. Unfortunately, between the beta and now Amazon Games have broken the ability to make it work without implementing a “reasonable baseline” of support to replace the functionality that was removed.
Due to how I use my computer generally and the fact that I do use desktop icons, my system tray icons and notifications at times when I’m not gaming (again with my primary workspace on my large monitor and my additional space on my primary monitor) and the issues incurred with swapping them I do not want to have to do that, which I believe to be a reasonable choice.

The only way to raise support issues is through this forum now. So I have raised it and will keep an eye on it as it’s something that does greatly impact whether I will choose to continue using the game.

I understand that there are other parts of the game that they need to focus on fixing more, but I don’t want this issue being ignored by Amazon Games.

For those that want to access the system tray, have the Alt +Tab menu visible while gaming, or use other software while gaming (streaming, for example) you want the main display to have all the important info and the gaming monitor to be the non-main monitor.
Also, so people have a PC and console hooked up to their gaming monitor, so they would to be able to use their pc and not need the gaming monitor accessible to the PC.
There are lots of reasons. If all you do is game, then having it as your main isnt a problem. But its a big problem for those that multitask.

totally agree your point, hope amazon soon to be have a workaround for multi monitor. I am using oled TV 120hz for gaming. often need to change main screen really really very very annoying.

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