Music in towns & tipping

Playing music in town was pretty cool, and having the ability to tip is a nice addition. There is one issue with this and it’s become very annoying. There are assholes standing at every interactable (E) area to collect unintended tips. The music tip radius should be drastically reduced or have a different keybind. Every town we go to is now spammed with giant white circles next to storages, crafting benches and the trade post. Or another solution is to limit the ability of tipping to only outside the town, and free towns of the gypsies.


I noticed this first when people do in during a WT in areas where there is a chest or lots of mob drops and its pretty obvious they are being scummy trying to get people to give money by mistake.

I think the best way to ‘fix’ this is to change the tip key by default to something other than E.


Trying to buy bis stuff 10 gold at a time



I always suspected that this was the case when I saw music rings in my house.

I haven’t tipped anyone to know what the interaction works like, but a simple fix could be to make the tip button a hold instead of a tap (if it isn’t already). There aren’t any hold interactions in town.

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Yah aint nobody getting rich off this scummy tactic lol.

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Yes. Make it F so we can pay respects when people just smash the keys lol

I never feel like they are trying to trick me into tips, I think they are just doing it like how healers throw sacred’s on the chests. During WT I’ve noticed people playing the song that boosts how much you can carry, I think it’s just coincidence that you unintentionally tip them. I always tip them if it gives me the chance, I have only spent maybe 200 at this point. And I like that people are trying to level up and give buffs.

The most annoying thing is if you’re standing in a music circle and accept a war/OPR invite, the music nonsense gets stuck on your screen for the whole war/OPR.

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The corruption portal ones are the worst.

i disagree its an event you are literally getting free buffs from running around the city. Just don’t spam E and if you do tip them its 10 gold who cares.

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Free buffs I didn’t ask for! You can’t just buff me without my consent!

Viva la tipping revolution!

…Srs though. If you tip at a corruption portal it might bug out the chest. Happened to me twice at the last portal during Myrk excellent chest run.

You don’t get the buff unless you tip.


This totally makes me want to make a consent form that I dm people before I heal them or cast anything that would buff them. Lol

Tip should be the secondary interact button ( for me it’s [T] )

Secondary interact isn’t used much anyways.


If you manage to scam every person on your server you still won’t be able to buy a single major luck trophy.


Figures New World’s remaining demographic is full of shits. What do people expect when AGS hasn’t adequately enforced TOS, COC, or Fair Play since launch.

its 10 f gold who cares.
they are spending their time as well.


Yet people complain about bots fishing? Another example, coins are reduced for low level players for the town baskets because people are worried bots will exploit its use.

So say a bot stays in town playing music, 5 people accidentally tipping after each song because they try to access their storage. 10g x 5 = 50g per song, say the song and animation to start is 1 minute, that’s 3k per hour. There are level 60 bots that can equip better instruments and collect higher tip amounts. I played a song yesterday, a friend tipped 10g but I received 14g.

I just find this annoying, and many others I know also do. The easy way to exploit gold is a different issue but still stems from the same things.

I really wish the white circle was only visible to the performer and anyone trying to place a performance zone of their own.

The white circles are quite honestly ugly and break the little immersion the game has.

  • Tipping should be the secondary interact keybind, not the primary (e)

  • let us disable other player(s) performance UI (score, song, tip window, etc) if we wanted

  • And massively reduce the performance radius (this includes how far the song travels)

Basically let us choose whether we want to be part of someone’s performance or not. Don’t force us into it.

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Myrk WT is pretty good for scamming coin tips apparently. Talking to a dude last night who was spamming the portals with the shortest song, he said he gets around 3 songs in per portal and averages around 250 coin each time he does it, netting 500-1000 coin per portal during the runs.

I took it with a grain of salt as anyone could make up these numbers but it seems legit.