Music needs more buffs

So I really like the concept that anyone can be a bard and make some cash. AGS… please you need to have enriching music with buffs that are more end-game-focused. 1 hr buff that adds extra in an attribute, Str, Con, Int, etc. other buffs as well they don’t feel worth it much currently. songs that need to be played in groups, A song that might need to be played in the tavern and takes 3-4 minutes of listening and requires a tip to get the buff but it is worth the musician’s time and those who listen decide 1-4 or even 5 stars where the more they tip the better the buff tier if the musician gets 3-4 stars or perfect then it requires that you tip at least at a 4 which the musician sets the price for or if they tip a 5 they can go over the asking price set. There is a really cool opportunity here but I honestly feel the profession is not worth it at the time. It is almost like it’s backward. Crafting a new instrument vs crafting a new song? As i progress at getting better I wouldn’t know how to make better instruments, I should learn how to play new songs or create my own and lastly I should learn how to play harder songs on bad instruments even better. A musician makes new music, not new instruments. The Furniture maker and Engineer should know and it should be introduced as the first profession you need to be equally proficient in both professions to make the instruments and they should be worth the while. Also joining a band should be automatic the player shouldn’t have the option to invite if the group is not full but if they get less then 3 stars they have the option to kick. Great opportunity for PVP buffs as well.

Down the line we could take it even further. The town owner can set a schedule for \ the week and fridays and saturdays so ppl had time slots but they couldn’t just pick the same band all night any if said band didn’t show someone can fill in and anybody can play in the city and make a name for them selves but the tavern group was paid if they showed up and were on the schedule.

The biggest focus is better buffs and better songs, so the ones that played the complicated stuff were valued and the bands that have synergy are valued even more offer more buffs. each song should give something different.


I’d like to see a level 200 buff that increases your chance to roll a legendary or just give a +2 to crafting.

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You know what ?

People can turn down Instumental Music Audio to 0 in option.

I would think AGS are way more smarter then that and not let people Mute all the way our effort and talent !

Minimum 10/100

They released music content and then nulify it with such a bad option,

When will i be able to Hide PVE people in My Screen AGS when i am PVP FLAGGED ?

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Missed opportunities IMO. you dont halve to listen it just make things feel a little bit more alive. like SWG back in the day entertaining was worth the time. it brings a bigger audience as not every one wants to hack and slash.