Music Profession Leveling

Am I missing something? Why is leveling music so painfully slow? I’m having fun messing around with it but trying to grind levels with an instrument rolling ensemble, fanfare, and spotlight…while also on 2x XP for the weekend…4 hours of nonstop playing the shortest expert song with an amazing rating got me to level 60. Huh?

Any tips? Or is this just supposed to be a timesink thats going to take me hundreds of hours? Feels like I’m playing OSRS again haha.

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U are playing on expert? U can give some considerable amount of xp.

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They will decrease Xp to get lvl 200 by 20% and double xp again just after you suffer enough as they did for all the other professions.

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Nah man, its slow I agree. I got to lvl 75 with a legendary instrument with Spotlight AND double xp and I said screw it. Think they need to tune it down by a LOT


I hope they do. As much as I enjoy it, it doesn’t seem very worth my time to sit here and try to grind it for a few buffs which are admittedly pretty good but not worth THAT much time to me. I might stop at 100 and call it a day until they (hopefully) tone it down.

Still having fun hanging out with friends messing around playing tunes every now and then though.

I’ve been grinding music between boss spawns as I farm gear.

It’s made the solo grind so much more tolerable.

I’m just thinking of music as a passive skill.

I was doing Fisherman’s Lament on Skilled ( no expert option ) as it’s only a 30 second song.

Pro tip, hold your music hotkey after you get exp to instantly go back to normal mode. This is useful in grabbing all that maudlin dust too.

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Thank you for the tips, I didn’t know about the last part. I’ll try it to hopefully save some time. <3