Music Skill Feedback

Editing this for Additions made:
The music skill so far for me has been a lot of fun as the social interactions it has facilitated have been pretty hilarious(a lot of proxy chat). Even though I like and appreciate the skill I figured I would give some feedback on some of the shortcomings or oversight on it.

  1. Music in towns should be more organized.

    • Music in towns is a toss up of people playing in front of town halls and churches, but also seeing people playing a drum set very poorly, naked, in the middle of the road. I think towns should have a set of pre determined spots on the ground where music can be initiated, just to clean things up. Indicated by a set of instruments on the ground that you interact with to use the spot to play music.
      • Side Note: In towns the very visible white zone where your music is active should be near invisible. It covers all active spots of Windsward on my server except for the town center, where music is restricted. Also the music name at the top of the screen should be shrunk, and moved somewhere else.

    *Playing music in a home shouldn’t have the white circle control field extending outwards from their homes. I don’t know if this is intended or a bug, but it shouldn’t be a thing.

  2. The grind is real.

  • Even with double exp the grind is killer. According to you would need 7200 songs on expert played to get to level 150. 7200 Minutes(120hr) roughly since a lot of songs are 1 minute(give or take some). That is an insane amount of time to be playing guitar hero to unlock a buff that bots will have soon. I’m arguing to keep the exp rate that we have right now with double exp.

  • Experience from playing songs should also be dynamic. Deminishing returns from playing the same song over and over. This is to encourage people to play something else aside from the Windsward Inn Theme to level up. Give exp bonuses too for playing a song you haven’t played in the last 4 songs or so.

  • Experience should have a multiplier for length as well. Longer=more.

  • Expert could be many times more difficult and give many times more exp and I think a lot of people would react well to that.

  • :pray: Give a very slight experience multiplier for music exp gain for every story page found in the world. Songs are about stories. Finding lore pages increases your ability to hear the muse and create music. Because there are so many lore pages out there the multiplier per page would have to be miniscule, but collectively be around 20-30% multiplier when all are found. Just gives a reason to be page hunting aside from achievements. Could be fun. :pray:(I really want this, I like exploring, especially with purpose)

  1. Tips
  • Tips should be more than 10 coin, or have options for more. 10 isn’t a lot tbh, especially when split.
  1. Song Pages
  • I don’t mind there being a grind for these, but please give them a higher drop rate and move them to elite areas. One page requires you to clear elites in Morningdale. I thought it was fun soloing it. Another page requires you to kill mobs in Amrine Temple. Took me 3 hours of mindlessly killing skeletons, not very fun. Stuff like that isn’t difficult, its just tedious.

  • I know music is new, but in the future having newly added song pages be crafted or being the reward for some intricate puzzle would be more interesting than searching chests and killing mobs. Finding lore pages could give some too.

  1. Flute
  • Give flute songs the expert difficulty option. If you like playing the flute you are wasting experience because playing other songs on expert with a different instrument is much more time efficient.
  1. Buffs
  • Buff reward should be based on performance and difficulty. Expert should also be many times more difficult, requiring you to really practice songs so you can give out the max buff.

I’m liking the addition of music so far and look forward to seeing what the future has for it, but it could use some fine tuning.


Thanks for the feedback on the musical instruments @Offdensen. I will forward your suggestions to the Development team.

I hope to see more discussion on this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:


While I agree on most of these points on this topic, this one in particular is dependent on how much the other Music Sheets cost which can have a hefty price tag. There’s a few Music Sheets that most players don’t have already because there are usually maybe one or two on the TP (based on my server on Orofena, US East) which carries a 49k and 50k price tag. I wouldn’t pay that much for a 1 of 1 or 2 of 2 music sheet but some ppl would. Even though I can afford to purchase it, I still wouldn’t. That’s insanely high.

I’ve also created a similar topic about my experience as well, currently Level 45 Music now since I made my feedback post about 2 days ago when I was Music Level 34. Although It may take some time to reach that 7200 song goal to attain Level 150, I agree, there should be more incentive for players to keep playing with a group and with different songs. Which again, the players who keep playing Windsward Inn for hours on Expert will level up faster, it does not promote “group play” since more players would just quit playing with that band of players. Initially, the amount of songs we have to play either solo or with a group is pretty good, but, I’m most certain they will add more songs in the future. Perhaps there could be a Music Shop also added to where players can purchase “special” Music Sheets that are not found in Aeternum.

So far, myself and a few others that play in a band regularly, we’ve teamed up to see what 4 or 5 man Music Sheets we can gather so we all can play them aside from the Windsward Inn song. Blacksmith Arm, Sneaky the Smuggler and Young King Stanley to name a few are kinda challenging obtaining all of the music sheets. So, if you have some deep pockets to shell out 19k-25k per sheet for some of those, then those players will keep playing Windsward Inn song until they get frustrated and buy it or wait for the Music Sheet market to decline.


I also did the math and with the solo XP boost, and final note XP boost perks and hitting perfect on all of the notes on expert for Windsward Inn is 754 XP with the double XP weekend. That’s 98.6 hours of non-stop Windsward Inn… I don’t mind the grind to be honest, but I agree with your post 100%. But I want to emphasize more XP for playing longer songs. And a bigger buff to playing with a group.

When playing by myself I’ll skip to the next song almost instantly after I finish one. But when I play with a group, it’s usually an additional ~20 seconds to find songs we all have parts to and which instrument they want to play. And based on the math above, I would rather just play Windsward Inn by myself constantly until I’m 200 to save time. I’m sure that’s not what the devs want lol.

Like yourself, I love the music aspect so far. Just not how it rewards XP for each song regardless of length and solo vs group.

Please share this post with company members to get more attention on this.

I personally think that buffs from playing music should depends on how good You were playing. Then it will start to matter. For now, no matter how bad You play, You get full time bonus.
It should be more less like this:

Bad - 15minutes buff

Decent - 30minutes

Good - 45minutes

Excellent - 60minutes, full buff


Damn, you are totally right !

I’m grinding past 70 right now. I feel like the 150+ will be really pain and not enjoyable.
After the event, i don’t even know who will play without any objectives to do. And the buffs proposed are not enough.

Furnishing was a pain to up but the rewards for the time consumed are really good now and enjoyable !

But this … wow my god no.

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Been Playing since release and I am more a crafter. The music addition is great (reminds me of Rock Band etc) and yes there are a few tweaks here and there that could possible be done.

Playing in Towns is HUGE and I agree on playing from your house and having the area overlapping the town section that is not in your house…i know we all want to pratice but have it so that if a person is in their house that the music circle stays in the house.

Repeating songs…UGGGH. Let alone those who dont try (at expert) or you know its a bot and it just sounds…aweful. Possibly with a mix up of songs you can get a block of extra XP perhaps? And the length on the song SHOULD give more XP in my opinion.

And yes allow a higher Tip (maybe show a quick 10/15/20/25 gold tip selection) and/or a small section where you can type how much to tip.

Whoever is in charge of the songs part of the game I say good job…BUT hopefully you guy are thicking a head with more/other songs (I want The Lonely Shepard for flute by Zamfir). Yes yes I know there are royalties involved BUT it can be a win win for the game AND the Artists.

Also after playing in the bugs it seems there is a long delay before you start picking things up and sometimes you do not have the time to get all of them (just saying)

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Is it possible players have figured out or use a “program” to hit the notes w/o actually playing? Kinda suspecting a player on my server who’s over Music Level 75 (most likely 85+ now), been playing the same song “Blacksmith Arm” - Expert for 2+ hrs now in the same spot in town and never missed a single note. Kinda hope this skill isn’t going this route but sadly it might be.

I would also add that the ‘missed note sound effect’ should only play for the player and not to those around them.

Note: I’ve heard it while not playing music. So I assume other’s can hear it.

An enterprising group of players could easily make use of this to get people to turn off the Performance Music under Sound.

The music is becoming annoying in towns! Especially when groups are near a crafting station!! I believe it’s causing lag. As someone suggested earlier in this thread–or in another–there need to be areas of the cities wherein music cannot be performed.

TLDR version:

I could not complete crafts at the Workshop in Windsward, because a group was constantly performing there, and the area of effect included the Workshop. I really don’t want to transfer all my items to another town, because I don’t have the storage, but this is an issue.

Many good points and suggestions in this thread.

For the XP, the problem is that XP requirements for higher levels scale just like all other skills, but the skill offers nothing to help you gain more XP at higher levels. The last level from 149-150 to unlock the final boost costs as much XP as levels 0-32 combined, but you still have to earn the XP in exactly the same way.

One solution could be to have higher difficulty levels unlocked at higher skill levels. For example a virtuoso difficulty unlocking at level 75 that gives 3-5x XP compared to expert. That would be more in line with how the other skills work. Virtuoso difficulty could include double notes, holding down some note while playing others, or similar things, if technically viable.

A higher difficulty would be a welcome addition in any case. The skill was fun at first, when learning the mechanics and trying to get amazing performances of all songs at expert level. After a few hours it got way easier, new songs are nailed at first or second try, after that there’s nothing left but mindless repetition. Repetition of a single song if one wants to be efficient. Awarding bonus XP for playing a song different from the last 4 songs would help. The bonus XP has to be big enough to offset the time it takes to find and select a new song.

As a side note, the biggest difficulty in the beginning was that you have turned the keyboard backwards. Normally notes lower on the staff are to the left on the keyboard, but you have it the other way around. Was very hard to go against intuition.

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Some good ideas presented here and good points.

For reference on playing music in homes, first thing I see logging in. Guess they are in the corner of their home, but control circle extends outwards. The buff they are giving implies being music level 100+ also, haha

So…apparently I can get +14 xp by just not bothering to play my flute which has Opening Act perk.

lol…I can just sit there with the game muted and annoy others with my terrible playing. xD

EDIT: How about we just go the route of Archeage for music. - You don’t play the song, you craft them. ((And can sell them on the AH.)) Was really neat having the Imperial March play as people drove by (yes, the game has car-like vehicles).

EDIT2: Also, you can invite players while inside your house…seriously. Did no one stop to think how player could troll each other?

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I agree with a lot of what was already said.

In addition, I think it would be great if we could swap the key binding of playing:
I’ve talked with a couple other who play music (piano) and we would love the option to swap A and D when playing.
When you want to play lower notes (on piano) you usually go left (A) and higher notes to the right (D), so when playing in new world we habitually will hit A instead of D and vice versa.

Add music sheets to the fraction shop…

Made a lot of additions. Every song topic that comes up includes something new that I didn’t previously think about.

the flute song is a bug, if you salvage pages you will see expert option unlocked for flutes as well. I kept trying to address this but nobody seems to care

I figured it could be bugged since I noticed that too, but also it may be intentional. With the way experience works if current flute songs had expert difficulty then everyone would just play Fisherman’s Lament or the Ebonscale song since they are only 36 seconds long. Flutes should have expert difficulty, but experience needs to be dynamic too. Both of which I hope happen.

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i think it is bugged mostly because 1. when learning it prompts you expert level being a thing 2. without those songs 25 expert song achievement is not achievable

I’m guessing you’ve hit 75 by now and we’re extremely dissapointed to find out the weight increase is only 100 lbs instead of 200-1000…
Man what a bummer