Music system is really fun

I managed to hook up with 2 of my guildmates tonight to get a band going. It was really fun.

There’s only a few songs we can play with the music sheets we have so far but it wasn’t a problem and I don’t expect it to become one. I like the atmosphere this system adds to the game. People stop to listen so it’s definitely a good community system.

I like that instruments are crafted in furnishing because furnishing needed a little love.

It’s plenty difficult for me but I don’t typically play rhythm games so I don’t know how that stacks up for people who do.

Overall, I like the system. It’s much more fun playing with others and I like that you incorporated that into the system. I also like that it’s easily expandible with more songs over time.

The buffs it gives aren’t that exciting so that’s an area where the system could be improved. It would also be nice if there were flute songs that aren’t solo and maybe there are but I don’t have any yet.

Thanks for making this system. I had a totally different idea of how a bard would be in NW but I certainly enjoy this one.


I agree. It is fun, but with a HUGE but … (for me)

There’s no real reason for it beyond the early level. The later buffs at 75+ really do not matter. Now, give me a luck boost of 3% (at 200) or a speed boost of 10% (at 125), or different WARDs of 5% (at 160, 170, 180, and 190) with Lost being earned last, eh?

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That’s right, but AGS implemented it just for the fun in the first place. And it serves that purpose quite good! Further tweaking incoming for sure.


Indeed and hope so. Be well!