Music while playing the game

currently, whenever i run the game, everything background is quiet, including music and mp3 and stuff.
im a person who listen to ALOT of music. it actually bothers me when i dont hear music.

can i activate background sound during gameplay ?

You should check your volume settings in game because it is fine for me. If you are using cheap speakers or a laptop that might have reduced sound quality and volumes. I suggest the Razer Kraken!

im using headphones.
i lowered the master volume.
and yes, audio in background is on.

I can confirm there is no issue for myself either. I like listening to music while I grind as well. The game has never turned down or adjusted application volume for me. Check your system settings.

If I do not want to hear the game at all I turn the Master Volume off in game and desktop sound is always priority hence how you can hear alerts while in a game. Is you music audio sounding like it’s being sapped while the game is running?

ahh the problem is that the headphones were connected to an amp and not the pc.

now i have to connect the headphones to the pc directly like a caveman…


Glad you figured it out! Hopefully other folks using amps find this too. Great job working it out.

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