Musical skill help

Is a macro allowed for music or is that against the rules? I struggle with fast inputs due to a health condition. Thank you for reading.

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It should be against the rules to my understanding. Not sure of the medical condition but there may be various assisted devices that can help you achieve what you need.

You will be surprised that you don’t have to be that accurate to get decent xp and get significantly reduced the xp required for 200, so you should still be able to do that. Another tip is that to get the maximum buffs you don’t need to play expert songs right now, you can just try and 4 star a novice song instead.

Finally it’s a nice community driven skill that you can fall back on others and have friends play a song for you and you can tip to get the buff without playing yourself.

That should cover getting 200, getting the buffs, and other ways to try and work around your condition possibly. Hopefully without putting your account at risk of a ban.

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Thank you for the reply! I was hoping to play myself as i love being a bard and that sort of thing in mmos and i love the guitar hero sort of element to it. I will try and 4 star a novice song but i dont think i will be able to do the music overall if macros arent available. Thank you for replying! :slight_smile:

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You should be OK with novice and maybe the next level up. The frequency/speed of button input is well within most PVE activities.

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I’ve actually never personally used it but the Azeron Cyborg Gaming Keypad is insanely programmable and can be used for harder core gamers to be even more efficient, but it can also be helpful as an assistive device. For people with arthritis and pain, restricted movements, etc. You can bind atypical and even subtle movements. It won’t help as much, but it might, for medical issues related to processing speed or things like that maybe not as much.

Also, know your songs. For instance there are expert songs that don’t use the mouse input, usually for those that are lazy and want to use one hand lol. But that can all be rebound as well.