Musical Weapons?

Is it just me or are the devs missing out on a bard style support weapon here.?

By implementing music as a trade skill, i think they’re closing the door to Bard classes (think monster hunter style hunting horn). 1 skill tree focused around damage and CC while the other is buffs and healing. (Damage scaling with Foc/Str and healing/buff potency w/ Foc exclusively).

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Last thing I want in my dungeon group is some lute playing noob

Fire coming out of a stick is badass

Chopping something in half with a big axe is badass

Firing an arrow into something’s eyes is bad ass

Playing a flute at something is lame



Anyone remember asking for this?

So in traditional AGS form here’s what we can expect:

Nerfs to rhythm-action based trade skill exp. It was too easy for players so we had to stop them and make it nauseatingly grindy. Most of this music is PvE buffs. While half of the music you can learn is for gathering. Waste of time you could have spent actually gathering instead.

Nerf Music trade skill specific perks. You thought furnishing was bad before? Now the company furnisher is obligated to make instruments for all these “bards”. Let’s make more crafting endless garbage and more RNG spins.

Extensive testing by 8-15 people on the PTR? The place all these bugs get onto live from because no one has time to beta test for AGS :100:. PTR is basically (Spoilers/Meta Development/Glitch Find and Abuse Later) half of the new bugs will either be unreported so they can just exploit when it goes live or won’t be found at all. Even when bugs are found they still get into live because they can’t patch without making new dupes or combat gets completely broken. Watch some YouTube videos FFS most PTR discussions are about preparing for how to exploit a new thing from PTR for maximum gains.


I digress… this music fluff is just that, fluff to make it look like they did something more while ninja nerfing the crap outta things like legendary skinning mats. Give something and immediately take it away with some more nerfs. More fluff will entertain some people but it’s not going to bring everyone back. The content we needed months ago as population dips below 15k avg players world wide.

TL;DR Music System seems like elaborate fluff way of saying this will keep them busy a while.

Says you :joy: bards are the shit.

I guess you better be prepared for bards cuz they just added then lol