Musket after patch

I really like the idea of a instant ability without having to stand still and reload it, but the way it’s working right now is bad. It’s against all instincts and muscle memory of everyone. Why would you think it’s a good idea to shoot your gun with pressing Q? Why don’t make it like you activate the ability with Q and then just have the next auto attack perform the ability. Firering your gun with any other button than the left mouse button is just straight up stupid, there is even a delay of like 0.5-1s.

Another point is the new action queuing. Idk why but pls don’t make auto attacks queue.
I got super frustrated yesterday because I’m shooting random musket auto attacks because there were one for some reason Qued.
There needs to be a system wich stops the qued ability’s after performing a dodge or something.
The musket needs a little bit more tweaking, I think all reload ability’s should work the same like I explained it in the beginning, this way the musket stands a little bit of a chance and doesn’t have to permanently stand still.

P.S pls revert the rapier nerfs, bow/musket stands no chance anymore against ig/fs.

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