Musket bans are being taken too far

It’s an assumption made by a lot of people :upside_down_face:. Especially those who are dealing with overturning these bans and are regularly targeted for being a good player. How much gametime should they loose out on?? Thanks for coming in here though and saying the system needs work… it was a great contribution to the conversation.

people are frustrated because there’s A LOT of Musket players in OPR… TOO MANY… OPR needs balancing

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The problem is that people are bored with cheaters and not only here, in all games… On the other hand, as long as the experience system is still an issue, there will still be many using ranged weapons in OPR.

Well everyone know musket not supoae to be in this game ;D no hate mate

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bro anyone with decent vision can tell aimbot from good aim, thats why streaming is a valid form of evidence in this game, now if u were to say this in an FPS, then sure, u have a point, u can hide wallhacks much better than aimbot as wall hacks dont do anything to ur movements or aim, just gives info, but this game, even if u have wall hacks, u cant really act on that info unless theyre hiding in foliage, which in that case, if u dmg someone or if someone if hidden behind said foliage, u can see their name still and pretty easily piece together where their head is, let alone the rest of their body. So wallhacks are pretty pointless to even have in this game.

For ANYONE who is still doubting muskets being banned due to mass reports, and not for actually cheating, please read this post:

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lets be real no one reporting you ehip

What do you mean ?

anytime you have fps type wep in a game there will always be hacks used. And tons of streamers get away using hacks stop being naive.

If Amazon would have cracked down on cheaters sooner using aim bot or other hacks we probably wouldn’t have lost as many people. Yeah, player pop would have dropped but I know LOTS that left because of the amount of cheating going on.

Keep it up amazon is usually the ones who say they are not and making public threads are the ones in fact cheating. Legit players usually handle these situations in private msgs which is very easy to do here.


The real naivety is from the people assuming most muskets are aimbotting, not the people telling them they’re completely wrong.

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Sorry, but when you have been gaming since 1997 and being FPS games longer than most of these people have been gaming you can tell what is fishy play in a game it really is not hard to tell legit vs fishy play what is humanly possible and what is not.

Just miss a shot on purpose from time to time to not get banned. Works 10/10 :joy: :upside_down_face:

Most musket users are bad.

I don’t think anyone is saying most muskets are aimbotting. I believe most are saying that the majority of players dropping 20-50 kills are cheating.

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So in that case, let the EAC do it’s job instead of mass reporting someone. EAC is flawed, we all know this, but EAC can still flag individuals, and ban them if actual cheating occurs. If you don’t know, don’t mass report. The fact that so many people are blatantly admitting to mass reporting, which is such an insane breach of ToS, and many ethical factors, it’s crazy.

I don’t think the 20-50 kill musket players are aimbotting at all. They’re just better than the ones who aren’t, on weapon thats perks are extremely overpowered. That’s AGS’s problem, and theirs alone.

They don’t care.

If you think there are no aimbots you have your head in the sand. They 100% exist on known cheating platforms. I do agree most people who report are reporting innocent players. The problem here is that unskilled players report people when they die.

The other problem is people are pretending to know why someone got banned, claiming it was mass reporting, when it easily could have been an automated anti cheat ban.

There are other types of hacks like wall hacks, texture exploits etc that all fall under cheating, streaming means nothing. Someone soft aimbotting on stream is not easy to spot at first glance. Not all aimbots track their target perfectly. I have seen light aimbots that flick to targets when you shoot, can miss, and can be turned on and off with a click of a button.

Do you think you would have gotten 60 kills and 0 deaths if you were using normal in game settings rather than the potato graphic bs that removes bushes and allows you to see much more of the map than anyone else? I doubt it… you probably wouldn’t have been reported/banned so often either. :laughing:

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Jist remove the musket anyways. Its broken and they wont fix it

oh ok, found the boomer who cant tell good aim from hacks. I encourage you to play a game of something like warzone or R6, you’ll think everyones cheating lol

obviously, doesnt mean its not easy to tell, most of the time aimbot is super obvious even a good one, wallhacks on the other hand arent very easy to eyeball, especially when the streamer doesnt act on the info often. but in NW wall hacks are literally pointless, aimbot would be the only logical cheat for muskets. Only issue is musket is super easy to hit in general in this game, most people who get reported for “hacking” just arent, they have mildly good aim lol