Musket broken please help

every time i try to aim down sights on my musket it doesnt. it stays zoomed out like im holding any other weapon. i tried relogging. i tried respecing. i tried scroll wheel and nothing. help.

Hi, Mike. Did you try verifying the game files on steam to see if that helps?

yes and that didnt help

Hi @Pris0nMike!

I hope you are doing good! Following on the troubleshooting of Pneuma.

I have a quick question on the issue, Does this also happen with a bow? And on you key bindings in the settings, does your “Ranged Combat Aim Key” have a “(HOLD)” next to it?

Looking forward to your reply! :slight_smile:

i didnt try the bow. but after about 20-30 times of leaving the game and reloading it, it fixed itself.
i dont know what caused it or fixed it but its working as intended now. and yes it does have a (hold) next to it.

Hi same issue here since launch. It works fine on my other machine. System with the problem had the public beta on it, using NVDIA driver 457.51 on GTX 1060. I removed everything including beta and did a clean install. Musket and bow both have same issue. Remapped the aim and fire keys without success. Aim does has HOLD next to it. I believe I am unable to enter the aim mode…

But resetting key mapping to default solved the issue!

Hi @NickRhodes!

I hope you are doing great!

Thanks for letting me know that resetting the key configuration solved the issue.

Have a good one! Take care!

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