Musket completely counters light armor. light armor too hard to balance?

Title says it all.

I play musket a bit

I fight musket a bit

It’s too strong into light armor.

Or light armor has a serious balancing problem.

Two shots (the insta reload makes them come out very fast) into a light armor users from a FULLY geared proper musket player is a ridiculous amount of damage. Even running full onyx gems does not work against musket due to the elemental split (I do run full onyx and they do ridiculous damage).

I’m not sure what the solution would be. If you nerf musket damage they won’t be effective into medium or heavy. If you buff light armor values they will be too strong with the amount of iframes they get.

Perhaps it would be possible for light armor users to have a specific reduction to musket damage.

The game seems balanced around medium and heavy armor. Light armor seems like an outlier to be only used by people who want to challenge themselves. There’s no actual reason to run light armor as medium is stronger in almost every way in every content.

Maybe I’m just ranting. In any case there has to be some sort of happy medium ground where musket isn’t ridiculously strong into one armor type and completely useless into others.

Why would they change it? It is balanced, the light armor is made to be quick and hit hard but still being squishy. The problem is with the brainless melee zerg players trying to play in light gear the same way as they did in heavy. Which is straight line running and next to no dodging and no game knowledge. Why would anyone use a medium or heavy armor if you have 20% more damage, better dodge and not even receiving that much extra damage.

Also, you never played musket more than 1 hour some of us already told you that in other posts, you have no idea what you are talking about so just stop these “pls nerf musket” posts where you try to pose as a musketeer but after your first comment it is obvious for everyone how clueless you are.

Do i know you?

My friends and I regularly Q up as a musket squad

I enjoy musket in OPR for hundreds of OPR games.

Get off your high horse whats up your butt?

Musket obviously outperforms into light armor. This is a known thing. Sheeesh my man pissy about what everyone already knows.

Use pristine Diamond instead of Onyx and Resilient Perk in your light armor and the damage will be drop to 2K each hit.

I do this and musket are not really a problem except as a squad.

And u have Perks against range damage physical and elemental aversion.

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