Musket hater thinks musket nerfs are a bit much

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I promised my musket friends a while back if the changes were overkill I’d say something.

While a huge part of me ,98 percent of me is filled with happiness about the changes. The reality is they are way overkill. The rng bloom stuff resets after every shot with a cooldown before they can fire accurately again or whatever. Imo it shouldn’t reset after every shot but just each time they move or unzoom.
They should be able to zoom in, and gain accuracy as they fire or something. So each shoot is more accurate and if they unzoom or move, it goes away and resets.


accuracy shouldn’t have been touched at all. Nerf ME (100% fine by me) or tweak the damage numbers. This was too far

lol nw forums in a nutshell


Hey man, I’m just trying to be fair. I want the game to be fun and balanced. These changes are a bit much most likely.


All the musket players should shut up seriously like nobody want to be kill accross the map without able to do anything in any game mode , like that change on musket is clearly needed and honestly is not enought it damage should be reduce all well - Stop to be a rats whos getting carry by all the free hast and dmg buff that weapon is giving and fight like real players

Lol who cares, I’ll just shoot my bow from 100 yards out now

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i haven’t made much testing - just shooted air a bit, but i think without accuracy you can’t even think of long range shooting now, what i am more worried about is musket in mid-range, subject to be tested, but i really hope accuracy won’t be must-have perk on every musket no matter the playstyle

Yeah too bad the current nerf affects close range more than long range, since Musket players cannot stay still in a 10-20m fight, but can in a 100m.

You musket haters don’t really think a lot do you.

only that now you’ll actually have to handle a projectile weapon which has bullet travel and you’ll have to land your long range shots by predicting player’s movement. Welcome to the balanced side of things.

I’ve done it before lol, it’s not hard

It should be because this game is not a shooter PS nobody was using the Accuracy perk before because it’s was so useless to have + if what you say it true and I hope it is it’s is perfect because it mean that player need would be closer /mid range and will in range of most cc in the game that totally fine

did you forget that you have now to stand still to be accurate?
musket players will be like literal npc, standing still next to player in attempt to shot
i know… you braindead bruisers will be happy that you can kill something with none effort
the inaccuracy was supposed to nerf sniping, but the bloom is so big even mid range will struggle hitting targets while trying to ktie (which you should do as ranged character)

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How about to be fair we add accuracy to all range weapons? Lol these changes make musket RNG now, you’re better off playing any other range, because at least you know that your shot is gonna hit on the mark instead of a musket shot that was on mark, and decides to veer off LOL.

Exactly… you’re better off playing other range. Won’t even be able to compete.

No more musket player I will be ok with that

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Nah it’s not bad at all, plus getting accuracy perk will help even more if needed or wanted

Musket has become weaker in range and in close range, making it more viable in open world pvp and OPR, the places were most complaints were coming from.
Just lower the range along with bows at this point, and revert the accuracy one.
I’d keep the same crosshair tho, the previous one was covering targets too often

Nah I hate the musket and this is actually the most stupid change ever. So what muskets are all -1 perk but bows and mages don’t care about that? Looking at vids even sitting in a rock isn’t a viable lol they still miss after holding right click for 2 seconds

there is still bloom btw, even with accuracy (which got moved to 43% instead of 93%)
So even if you wait 5 seconds after every shot, you can’t land it consistently.

Guess I am gonna play fs for fun.

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Yea man its bad. RNG is not a good solution. Didn’t they do that for the bow one time in a PTR and everyone complained about it? Like the bow was randomly missing shots? Does anyone remember this? And they reverted those changes before launch.

With musket, I could do everything right and still miss… Better off playing other range. They really gutted musket, unplayable.