Musket hater thinks musket nerfs are a bit much

YES that was a bug with heavy shots on the bow. IT WAS SO BAD.

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Nothing makes me happier than to see this weapon get nerfed in every way possible. I guess all the whining musket players can go back to player COD/Valorant/any other shooting game. Goodbye and don’t come back.

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You saying it’s too much? Weird

I think the bloom thing is set a bit too much right now.

Needs tweaked.

Little to no bloom within a certain range, and keep distance shots as is, but not be forced to wait 2 more seconds, after every shot and everytime you move the cross hair.

Also, @newb this was my fear. The fear I’ve told you about.

They were going to make the weapon completely useless…and they did.

They legit make the RNG of musket hits, worse than their RNG crafting system.

And I’ve always said I want the game to be balanced for both parties. Fun to use and fun to play against.

They also did my fear. Over buffed firestaff. Now it’s just going to be firestaff pr. Something I been saying for like 6 months. Hopefully they make adjustments so it’s a well mix of everything, not just firestaffs in opr.

As long as the musket remotely works like it does on live currently, it will never be fun for anybody on the receiving end. And the devs finally realized that.

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They really should over-nerf the musket and bow instead of under-nerfing. AGS can buff the bow/musket incrementally the following weeks if they went too far with the nerfs.

They should not over-buff the fire staff, which they did on the PTR already.

I don’t know how many chances AGS has before people totally give up on the game.

With that said, the changes to the musket on the PTR make the weapon not fun to use. I think they went in the wrong direction with the nerfs. Additionally, I think a fireball with 1 light attack could kill a 5 con musket now.

Already hits roughly 4k-5k on a musket, if they have it on their weapon. Especially since BIS musket is full thrust gemmed, and 5 elemental aversions. :rofl:

For me the changes are acceptable, with time we will see if they were successful or not.
For my part, what really bothers me is the reticle, I think it’s something from modern shooting games, and it shouldn’t be in NW.

mage need to be way more closer that musket player like musket is just to stupid they way it is to be able to spam dmg so far away it’s super dumb in any circumstance no one should die because of rats player can snipe you from accros the map with no penality - the way musket is player by most player is just to much brain dead

Lol he had to use “my friend” card on this one !!! Just say you’re a musket user crying in forum… When i used to talk to Musket abusers and say “the nerf is coming” … They laughed and said “we will see” … So see now ?!? Hahaha look whos laughing now

Don’t try to come up with a way to compensate for this stupid idea. the concept of bloom just needs to be scrapped in its entirety before it actually gets implemented. It was a stupid idea. The same as removing half the staggers from base melee and then finally removing grit perk(Which just made the game basically ESO). Just sounds like they threw in a bunch of random stuff again that doesn’t make sense. Muskets just needed a damage nerf and a movement nerf and they were okay. None of this complex stuff.

Mixed nuts said the change is not bad. Its officially not bad.

Musket shouldn’t have been nerfed, it should have been removed from the game.

I think Musket users caught a break they even kept a stupid hit scan weapon.

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