Musket is the worst weapon in the game

Musket has no projectile drop, unlimited range so the weapon does not require any great skills. It has more damage than the bow and you can hide on a rock and shoot without risk. It is also more fast shooting compared to the bow. Devs had no idea how to improve skills of this weapon, so it became a sniper rifle like from some FPS.

The barrel? Are you referring to a bow, or blunderbuss, or…?

Sounds like you call it the worst cause you don’t like to play against it.

So if someone thinks a weapon is OP it’s only because they don’t like playing against it? Why do people complain about the ice glove?

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So you suggest me to level up my mindreading skills? Cause saying its the worst and now saying its OP are two different things.

U can swap to IG + BB new OPR meta xD. I thought IG + GA is cancer but it was piece of cake, but IG +BB is like 3 cancers in one body, even potions and heavy armor will not help u.

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Weapon in my opinion is OP, but it’s also the worst weapon because it has weak skils and gameplay is also horrible (it’s all about range and shooting from outside the fight and people with all points distributed under damage are hitting hard). I think OP and worst are not mutually exclusive.

The problem with the ice glove is the shower probably if it wasn’t so OP the weapon would be reasonably good.

No it’s just oneshoting u it has to high dps in really close range like no weapon has. and even if u evade it u can’t run cuz IG has t o low cooldown on ICE STORM. and tbh in total u have like 15-20 sec slow, and u can’t kite or run away.

Ig is just good because of the shower…
spikes are gutted
entomb ofc is “just” a life saver
ice storm tickles… and cant be stacked
the other 2 skills arent even worth to mention…^^

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They just need to implement balistic to the musket and that’s it.

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