Musket is Unplayable in OPR

I’ve been playing the musket in OPR. I am a pretty decent player, I do okay damage but I’m nothing to write home about. I consistently get at least 15-25 assists in each game. I know how to play musket and when to back off, and I don’t die a lot.

Assists are worth near to nothing. I have been forced to be a PvE player consistently because assists are worth less than mining for 2 minutes. I can rarely get the ruby gypsum otherwise, even after sweating hard and doing tens of thousands of damage in a match because all of my credit is assists.

I one v one’d a guy from range today. I didn’t finish him because a random melee guy saw him on the ground and finished him before I could. I got an assist - no kill credit even though I did 100% damage of the guy’s health. Even if I can kill a guy, there’s a damn good chance I can’t finish him before someone else does -

WHY in the world does the person who finish the enemy get the kill credit, and not the person who knocks them? As a range with no long-range aoe, or rapid fire shot to finish people on the ground off, I can’t get any kills without stealing them from teammates. This is not how this mechanic should work - the person who does the damage to knock the guy should get kill credit.

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