Musket is weak trash

Why would anyone use this weapon?
Like by the time you kill one enemy with a musket, I can pull 3-5 and kill them with a hatchet of lower GS.

Most melee weapons outdps it on single target, yet they have the advantage of AOE. Why would anyone go with a musket with much worse time to kill?

Yeah it have range, too bad mobs evade halfway and reset, and if you try to attack from impassable terrain they evade aswell making the range useless, unless you kite, making your already bad TTK even worse for no benefit.

Not like PvP would be much better either. With such low fire rate and with no CC, people just literately run away/heal back, there is nothing that you could do.
Not like that pathetic damage it does would change much when wars are all about spamming AOE attacks which musket don’t have…

There is no advantage only disadvantages of going with this weapon atm. If it’s damage would be at least high on single target, but it barely tickles currently.


The problem is that it requires head shots that aren’t as effective even with a buff. If he was a deadly weapon for single target I was very happy.


It’s very long range and hitscan as opposed to projectile. Those are both huge advantages. If it were as powerful as bow or throwing a hatchet, then why use those builds?


What advantage are you getting with your high range if the mobs just evade on your range?
What advantage are you getting with your range if it deals so low damage that you can’t kill anyone?

Surely on low mobs and noobs who just stand in place you can kill them from range, but you shot them easily with a melee weapon aswell ,so where is your advantage?

Also your so called “hit scan” goes trough enemies without hitting the target frequently in close range/hit the nothing/texture even if there is nothing in front according to the crossbar.
Heck in the last war there was 30+ ppl stacked on top of each other in the gate trying to come in, yet my hits failed to register continuously. It’s far not that easy to hit anyone even at medium range, not to mention long range, and since you can one shot them, they always can jsut go into cover.


Those are two different issues. Hits not registering are a bug that should clearly be fixed. I haven’t noticed it but also haven’t really played much with a musket yet.


#1.) Musket is way too weak right now. It’s slow, it’s hard to aim with, and the damage isn’t good. Weak single target and weak AOE.

#2.) @frieaaron makes a good point that hitscan has to have some disadvantages. I dunno what those should be, the slow ADS is probably enough, but he still makes a good point.

Particularly the ‘bullet’ abilities that require you to literally load the musket are just terrible

They should probably just be instant ‘shots’ for gameplay reasons.


I think the musket is very strong but maybe it depends how you used your points?
I do more damage with a musket shot then with my sword. It’s very accurate, also on long distance and aiming is very good and easy if you had some training in it. I never had hitreg before and I am playing for 6 days now.
Sword & Shield with a musket.
For PvE quest’s I love it. For animals and stuff. And i’ve seen fights where they can have a huge advantage on distance (also fort fights).


Been using the musket the entire time, and It’s incredibly strong.


You used to double tap enemies. Including players.

A combination of the skills and passive at lvl20 and a good gem, and you can drop people very fast.

Haven’t had a chance to mess with it yet, but it was broken as hell and over powered for a long time.


Honestly I feel like Musket is one of those overlooked weapons. Like individually? Can be hard to use. Even with hitscan, you definitely need some good aim to maximize its value solo (and be light armor to keep away from people)… but I strongly STRONGLY suspect it’d be one of the better group weapons in PvP as volleys would absolutely melt people (because while they’re easy to get away from, they have some chunky damage). It’s something I want to see actually be tested at some point. It’s also one of the best weapons if not THE best for hunting skinning mobs… I’m just not sure how valuable that is yet. That being said? I’m not so sure about the trap and sticky bombs… they are a little too unforgiving for the little benefit they give.

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Trap is, by far, the best ability available to the musket from a pvp perspective.
With proper setup, you can heal 80% of your hp instantly and it’s nearly impossible to stop it from happening. And while that’s happening, you’re chunking the guy for an equal amount.

But more important than that, traps are zoning tools. It doesn’t matter if they are ever actually touched. It’s an invisible barrier your opponent can’t cross or they lose half their health and you heal to full.

What this gives you is an approximate 10 yard space, 20 yards if you have 2, where you completely control the direction of the fight. You can sit back, eat, potion, reload, masturbate, whatever, all from the saftey of the other side of your traps. They HAVE to go around them, or they lose. It’s very similar to the Ice Gauntlet’s Ice Shower. You touch the shower, you die.

Mean time? The cooldowns for your other weapons are now done. People tend to overlook the fact that they have two weapons that are meant to compliment each other. Musket compliments everything.


Traps are very easy to avoid. You can dodge through them, light attack through them, step a little to the side of them etc. They only work in PVP if you set up for a guaranteed trap (either from a stun or knock down).


Hey man I aint gonna fight you on it. The things already crazy strong, if you want it buffed I aint gonna argue with you. I use it constantly.

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In PvP it’s one of the single most used and prevalent weapons.


What i don’t understand is how NPC archers hit for 3-4x as much damage as NPC pistoliers. Makes absolutely no sense.

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The hit scan really an annoying bug. If i switch to musket from inventory, only the first bullet will hit, otherwise all miss after that. My solution to fix it is switch to the other weapon, attack a couple times (just press attack, it don’t have to hit anything) and then switch back to musket and it will hit normal again.

I feel all the dps ranged weapons are PvP support weapons or when you have a tank to hold aggro.
Some of the melee skills are that way to especially the ones that have a long animation.

Really sad it’s inferior to play a full mage.

I feel like the musket is where it should be, maybe even too strong.

I don’t like it being hitscan with insane range. Meanwhile other ranged are projectiles that require alot more skill. Musket really should have bullet dropoff etc and we can talk about it.

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It actually does have a drop off… there’s just a perk to remove it that obviously everyone is going to grab if they use musket.

I am maining musket and hatchet, its very strong and fun but yeah lets be real, it aint worth the hassle, the 2 second reload is ridiculous, i kill 5 enemies with my hatchet easily in 10 second but i can barely kill one if its jumping around or if someone else is aggroing it, also because of the loading it takes a lot of time to level it up and lets not forget it uses ammo that are heavy and require grind to make, really not good design. The only reason i keep using it is, shoot mobs with fire shot, try to shoot them and not miss till they get close, if they are still alive i pull out hatchet and destroy them.
I can only see it used succesfully in pvp groups where you roleplay as sniper or in defending forts otherwise any other weapon is better and much easier and at no cost to use.