Musket is weak trash

It definitely needs to be buffed


This is why you use a secondary weapon for when people close the gap. You’re asking for musket to be able to drop people before they get to you AND have abilities that let you deal with people when they close the gap. Thank goodness you have nothing to do with balancing this game.

Right. So you can drop people dead before they reach you, and in case they reach you, you still have a rapier/spear/whatever to hold your ground in melee.

That would basically force everyone to run a musket.

Naw your just using it wrong

What if all I want to play is musket? What if all someone wants to do is play as a healer? What if someone only wants to play 2H ax? Why are we limiting how players can play?

Does that make sense to you with such a modular system?

What I am saying is that currently sharpshooter does not synergize at all with other weapons. It does one thing, long range damage and honestly, not that well. When you actually do some scary damage people just run out of range and disappear because the game unloads them. You have no tools to stop that either. If you want to do anything other than that though, you have to take the trapper build or you simply cannot stand toe to toe with any other build in medium or close range.

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See my post above. Sharpshooter tree is useless on it’s own. It wants to be a sniper build but doesn’t have enough damage to be one.

So you propose to remove the second weapon slot? I’m confused.

The musket doesn’t have to synergize. It gives versatility.

No. And you aren’t realizing what the problem is. When you get within range of me, you have two weapons that work well together. I have the rapier, which is great, but my other slot has a sharpshooter musket which is literally useless in close combat since you MUST stay in aim mode to get all its buffs for an extended period of time.

So you have two weapons and I get one because I chose sharpshooter. Why choose sharpshooter though when you can go trapper and get perks that help in both medium and close range? In fact, the traps synergize extremely well with the rapier.

I’m saying sharpshooter is garbage. It has no niche because it doesn’t do enough damage to warrant it taking a weapon slot.

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Yeah it’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning. Range and damage won’t work in this game, because range is a huge advantage.

Last time we were defending a fort. We were told not to chase the enemy, not to get lured outside.

Do you know what the melee players were doing 95% of the time? Stand around, or get shot in the face outside.

Do you know what the musket players were doing? Having fun shooting at people, albeit they probably didn’t kill anyone unless super lucky.

You also gotta see the other side. The other times when a melee can’t do anything.

It’s a frustrating situation for all. I said it before. Musket will never work if you don’t gut it’s range. And yes if SS tree is useless, so it shall be.

It’s unbalancable. And your suggestions have not convinced me otherwise.

Sure it’s balancable. There’s several ways to do it as well.

  1. Give the last perk in sharpshooter a stagger for headshots. This would actually make it viable for close range.
  2. Increase headshot damage. Musket is ignored by most right now. Even if you are scoring perfect headshots. They just spam heal and bum rush you. With trapper you can punish this by… trapping them. With sharpshooter you die.

Im sure there’s more. And I hope Amazon has people that are talented enough to come up with more creative solutions.

Anyways. I’m thinking of going lifestaff + musket build. So I can just shoot people then run away and heal with the lifestaff. It will be the most annoying build to play against that you could ever imagine, but if it means I get to play as a sniper, then to hell with it

And I think they should remove the headshot mechanic all together. It does not belong in an MMORPG and just increases RNG (yes, RNG, no matter how ‘skilled’ you are). This is not an FPS.

If you want to make the headshot mechanic more prominent Amazon would have to provide 5 more regions. Unless of course you only want people with a good ping to be allowed to use a musket efficiently.

(And no, I am not a scrub. I was a successful FPS tournament player back in the days)

It’s not hard to hit headshots. It’s hitscan so ping shouldn’t matter. FPS does matter though, ALOT.

I love that new world tries to be skill based. The headshot mechanic really does make it stand out from other mmos. Remove stuff like that and you’ll have a generic mmo that no one will play.

simply separating PvP from PvE solves this.

unfortunately in dps the hatchet wins.

remove the musket too and you’ll have another generic MMO!

I joined the game because of the musket, it was something new and different compared to other MMO’s, and the way this is not a useful weapon in fact, it’s not a lethal weapon like it should, it’s just become a niche. I hope they fix it.

As a former competitive FPS player I would say ping is extremely important. Try playing with 50ms vs. 150ms. The difference is day & night, and pretty much all of those games are hitscan.

Why else would you have North Americans begging for central servers? Because they want to have those 30ms ping instead of 70ms.

With the current server regions India, China, Russia, whole SEA, parts of Latin & middle America, Eastern Europe, and many more, have a ping that is somewhere between 100ms to 250ms.

Because the design idea behind this game is having 2 weapons.
Alternating between both to be able to perform in the situations where both weapons are good, of to use the abilities of both weapons.
I am ONLY X doestn work here, its not meant to be ideal to be ONLY X, whatever X means to you. Using your 2nd weapon will always make you stronger.

I dont understand the point of that video.
I dont bother watching 40 minutes of straight up running around with nothing but a meaningless title telling me
“im not good, so this weapon needs to be stronger”
But just as a reminder: balance is made not on opinion, but on statistics.
We dont have these statistics, we observe only a small part of the game no matter what we do in the game.

As an example, Riot Games was kind enough to show their frameworks for balancing new champions:

Bronze players are not taking into consideration at all.
Climbing up the ladder, the conditions for buffing or nerfing change, but if any of these hit a match, its up for the balance team to see how to change it.

Most modern fps games don’t use hit scan, not even for the sniper rifles. Try any battlefield game. Every bullet is a projectile. Projectile weapons are effected by ping, hitscan is not.

And any counterstrike game is hitscan. Anyway, let’s stop the discussion here.

Great so why is sharpshooter worthless as a second weapon in close range. The damage it does doesn’t warrant taking up the slot. Any other weapon would perform better.

The musket shouldn’t be stronger in melee range. It must be able to kill stuff at range and be dangerous if well used.