Musket is weak trash

It’s based on how long the player has been alive. So you can’t exploit it. But… you’re welcome?

Aaaaaa :cry:

summary: musket is not good in the way he is having the only advantage of his reach and straight projectile.
it’s a weapon that should have a damage buff or a big reload reduction, the skills urgently need to be better worked and thought, it has nothing like the dodge and shoot bow skills with 2m repulsion, it doesn’t have arrow rain, it does not have fast and consecutive fires, the projectile should have one with some relevant debuff, the stoping power should stum (especially if it hits the head) or throw the mob on the ground, the most useful skills of the musket would be the gunpowder that applies burn on the enemy. and i think the musket needs an impact box to prevent too close shots from going through the target without doing damage.
It also lacks the option of using the musket to defend itself and could use the stock to attack at short distance by hitting the enemy’s head causing a temporary stun and enabling the shooter to move away from combat CQB. if I’m not mistaken I think there was something like that in the alpha test… :thinking:

so powerful :heart_eyes:

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Musket kinda doesn’t have an identity. Actually, it has, but there is always something better.
If it supposes to have a better range DPS, it loses to every other ranged weapon. If it supposes to have a high alpha strike, but lower DPS, It loses to a heavy shot from a bow. If it supposes to be better with headshots, it’s not that much difference to compensate for the difficult to deal headshots. It supposes, now in my opinion, to deal more damage against heavily armored targets, because it’s a handgun against a plate, it should ignore or something like that, but it doesn’t. I think there is no other reason to play the musket asides from the fact of maybe like firearms over bows.

What server you on that uses it in PVP the most? Are you talking about 1v1 or group PvP say 5v5? or Wars? Because on Adlivun It’s a RARE to see anyone with it. I mean it’s not complete underground but 90% of the players on that server Roll GA /HAMMER / Light Staff / Fire Staff and
Ice G. These are the most weapons i ever see at any time…in 1v1…5v18 and in wars…in PvE Dungeons etc…There is a reason those other weapons are more common…because half of them are broken and over powered… ESPECIALLY Light Staff and GA. Rapier needs a Buff.

This actually doesn’t make sense… the musket has better numbers so you’d think it would hit harder

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Amazon hates the Musket :pensive:


not only that, as I said, this weapon needs to have its skills rethought and better worked.
as the “…” showed, besides the musket tar the most expensive ammunition the higher the reload the shots do not compensate, the bow even having a lower damage you feel better rewarded for its use than with musket, and don’t forget that the game will force you to enter CQB in PvE, I said this in my feedback in the penultimate beta, take it back from the mob when it’s taking damage or buffed musket either by increasing damage or reducing reload. and let’s not forget that in terms of material and labor his ammunition is more expensive than the bow

I don’t know if these weapons (let’s not exclude hatchet and other) are broken or the musket is so nerfed that it makes these weapons look broken. And yes I agree that Rapier needs to have a faster light attack, it’s too slow for a light weapon.

should be, but it isn’t

Musket is a walking design problem. Having access to very long range hitscan damage is a mechanical advantage that nothing else in the game can compete with, so you simply can’t make that very long rang hitscan damage strong. So if you wanted to adjust the Musket it would be better to suggest adjustments to its closer range / utility skills rather than buffing its 200m range First Person Shooter damage. However I think the real solution to the Musket problem is to reduce Lifestaff healing so that non-burst ranged damage can actually mean something, and change Firestaff AoE so that there isn’t a long range high damage AoE option that invalidates every other range weapon in group content.


but man, as I said, the argument is always PvP, no one doubts that he’s good at AoE, but hey, that’s only what he’s good at, he doesn’t hitkill but is “annoying the enemy” , musket 1v1 against any weapon the chances of him dying losing are great, and in the PvE where we are based here he is even worse. and as the guy above showed in the photos there is no logic, arc damage is more rewarding, so either what it says in the parameter is a lie and in the base data it is something else or it is programmed to have a reduction of damage in general if compared As for guns, we know that before the launch of the penultimate beta it was nerfed, but I don’t know how much it was nerfed.

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It’s literally only used in pvp bc of powderburn and the bear trap. Trap allows you to apply heal and rend while setting up for a combo with the rapier. The gun itself is dogshit.

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If you don’t want to kill anyone with the musket ever, sure. It’s in a great place. F Rank, garbage tier.

I heard that possibly will nerf more the market in the next patch is this true?

I just wanted to say that using the term “dogshit” to describe the Musket goes against the way in which feedback is meant to be discussed in this thread, per AGS. In their own words, they may not be able to accurately assess your comment in regards to the Musket.

I, however do. And you are right, its pure dogshit!


Yep, total trash, which is why nobody is leveling it up.


you can change the size of nameplates in your settings

I think the topic saids enough, getting headshots are kinda hard. Maybe consider changing the skill perks to “hitting the target anywhere to proc” instead of headshots only.


Beautiful animation at the shot, and matches spirit this game more. But useless weapon in the game, need fix.

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