Musket is weak trash

Even if it was powerful it isn’t the ideal way to level up.

It requires learning and adapting to uncomfortable mechanics such as reloading and the fact that the bullet originates from the mouth of the Musket which means melee shots will not hit the enemy. As you can see, the Bow is right above the Musket while being way more powerful in PvE and more versatile in general.

100% this. As somebody who has run siege the last three wars I was in (wasn’t 60 yet) I didn’t worry one bit about lvl 60 musket users trying to snipe me. I would shoot the siege equipment and hop off and hide behind it. Hop on and shoot, then instantly hop off, repeat.

If the musket user was stupid enough to get too close, my lvl 40 ass would jump off and kill the lvl 60 musket user with GA and Hatchet.

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-points at graph while glaring at Amazon-

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Ha I know right?

And this isn’t even close to the max hit. I’m doing over 5k at level 45 so right now. I’d imagine with a proper bow, attributes and mastery tree at level 60 you’re pushing 7-8k.

5k to who?)
To 60 lvl enemy?
At 60, it will be lower. Because now you have pvp scaling support )

Charge-up mechanics needs to go on muskets and bows also base damage need buff for both.

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this is a thrash thread.

To any NPC weak to thrust attacks, as shown in the photo.

what lifestaff? ppl outheal a musketeer at long range with foods LMAO

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all i can say is i love my musket all around. I can feel its a lil weak in group PvE but it serves me very well in PvP but i can admit other weapons are probably better for anything grouped. As it has no aoe.

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Cool do you have a video of you using only musket + bow? Also I find it interesting that your points are so high but your kills/assists are extremely low when comparing to others.

I assume that most of your damage came from AOEing with the bow. Which would explain why your damage is so high but you have so few kills.

Remember that this thread is about the musket, not the bow. The musket cannot AOE from long range like the bow can. Or even really AOE well at all.

Get good perhaps?

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Okay, so all of your damage came from the bow AOE. Thank you for confirming that.

Yes I do, if people stack up. I watched a video on YouTube yesterday where someone showed how broken the damage is. It applies bleeding and poison to everyone.

Your post is irrelevant as 90% of your damage likely came from the bow.

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Okay big man, why don’t you do a war where you only use the musket and let us know how that goes. Just don’t lose the video :wink:

Okay. All I’m seeing here is someone belligerently claiming to have used the musket to “Top the charts” but refusing to back up that claim.

While it’s obvious you abused the bow’s AOE damage over time effects while keeping the musket on your back the entire fight.

I would suggest providing proof before making wild claims next time. 🥸

I’m only responding so I have more chances to flag your inappropriate comments :confused:

Thank you for sharing your in game name though.

Oh I don’t care who you are, but maybe the forum moderators can do something with it.

Problem is that Musket is not rewarding.

If the heavy Armor dude with his Great Axe kills me in 3 Hits after i hit him 10 times with the Museket then it is completely pointless to play the Musket.

It is a complicated build that should feel rewarding. It is hard to hit somebody, but if I hit then I really want to see a result.

I dont mind if everything stays as it is with the Musket, but the damage should be doubled because otherwise there is no point in picking it up because even a Lifestaff dude does more damage.

And about this one wonderkid here in the thread with his screenshot of a 50vs50 War zerg. Congratulations man. These wars are incredibly pointless. I also do that amount of damage over the course of the match, but eventually have 0 kills because all my shoting is healed away anyway. But yea if your team is anyway winning and you can in peace fire the whole time, then your damage will be good, but still we have 0 impact on anything.