Musket is weak trash

For me… I use the musket in collaboration with my warhammer. I’ll pull something with the musket, sometimes I get single pulls, sometimes multiple. If it’s single I work on getting the one guy down as much as I ca before they get to me, if it’s multiple I try getting a few hits on each mob before they get to me. Either way, I’m doing decent damage before they are at me, and making it easier to finish them off. Would I choose the Musket as a primary weapon? No. But as a secondary to get things to me? It works wonders.

At point blank range, the musket hits do not register on targets. 100% of the time this bug can be reproduced, at least so far, I have been able to.

As far as muskets in general, despite what the OP says about no CC, the musket actually has a lot of CC in the trapper tree. You gotta put some work into it. While the OP is not entirely wrong, I’m beginning to question just how much experience he has with the weapon.

It sounds like a lot of speculation and reads like that too. I can tell you with absolute certainty that, at least so far in my experience testing the weapon in the Amrine dungeon, I can put so much DPS down range with the musket that I’m often pulling threat.

There are a lot of mechanics that aren’t explained very well in the tooltips. If you’re having trouble landing headshots in the chaos of a fight, try shooting them in the back. You get similar damage bonuses in that location as you do the head. (Not sure if a headshot in the back of the head doubles the bonus, haven’t tested it.)

Overall, it sounds like most of you haven’t really playtested everything the musket has to offer - I’m not trying to call anyone out or be mean, but I can objectively say based on what most of you are describing that your applicable experience is limited. I am not disagreeing though, let me make that clear. It needs some work, but I can assure you that the damage output, while not as consistent as melee (comparing it to the hatchet/berserk is just unfair for a multitude of reasons), is incredibly strong when used properly with the mechanics offered.


Yea have the same problem. Point blank the musket seems to miss all the game. Especially when aimed. Hope they fix this soon.

Musket is probably my favourite weapon but the reload speed is horrid. After dodging the whole reload animation just cancels out and sometimes even bugs out


Musket is my favorite weapon too, and it’s useless once the mob gets into melee range. I should be able to take out same-level mobs remotely but they move too fast and the musket is very unreliable once they get close by.


I think muskets need a change as well, ammo is so expensive to make so you need to spend a lot of time (emphasize on a lot) just mining and harvesting to have enough ammo, (same with arrows if I may say so, but still think that bow build is less punishing since abilities like poison arrow can be shot at your feet) yet they do not feel rewarding at all, sure you can get good chunks of damage from afar, but considering you having light armor running at the same phase (even slower since your abilities root you) that any heavy armor and unable to reload while quick stepping if medium armor, it makes it too easy to get chased down and killed since once someone is melee, you lose all (if any) advantage while being handicapped by armor, not only you have to pay for broken pieces of armor but also you need to pay for wasted bullets that had no reward at all.


Wait till you try the trapper skill tree. It has been completely nerfed and unusable.They removed crippling leg shot passive which closed the gap in pvp and actually required you to be a pretty good shot and an actual player with talent. Traps are bugged and do not root right away when an enemy steps on it (I don’t mind removal of 1 trap and 1 grenade I get that one). There was also a melee option to use a butt stock to hit the enemy and guess what staggering it because I’d assume you’d be in a daze if you got hit with a butt end of the weapon but that entire attack and the only little option Musket users had when in melee to defend ourselves is also gone.

It’s very weird and came from above because devs made this one good then it was nerfed hard.

They have to do something.


because it’s a broken free damage hitscan weapon from far af? why would it be stronger? I agree for pve it’s gutteral trash but pvp it’s fine if you just want to be that nerd sniping people

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I really like musket and maybe you HAVE to max out it’s tree to get full advantage. It’s not great for PvE but it’s very strong for PvP IF you understand it’s playstyle and you can aim. For reloading, tactical reload helps to get quick shots off, but it’s hand to land those shots if you want to chain 3 to get the instant reload and then another tactical reload.

I see problems with shots registering against targets, I can line up a perfect headshot and it doesn’t register on the target, massively important for PvP. I wish there was some animation cancelling that could be done to cast abilities faster. The pathing for the spike bomb is just clunky af which turns me off using it.

However, I knocked up a quick Life staff + Ice Gauntlet build and it really show’s how underpowered musket is or how absolutely broken life staff is right now.

With admittedly crap gear, I was hitting for higher damage numbers on Life staff auto’s (and heavies) than I was getting with musket (even with headshots), plus the added benefit of healing and being able to zone and damage with Ice Gauntlet and this wasn’t even using a min-maxed build like my musket.


Ranged combat in this game is just bad. It’s completely underpowered in raw damage output while requiring so much more work to aim and actually hit a target. As a melee you have huge melee hit boxes. On top of that, your auto attacks hit in most cases harder and faster and your skill usage is way easier because you don’t have to aim.

Ranged weapons should deal more damage by default. With the erratic mob behavior and wonky aggro it’s way harder to land hits than it is with melee. The only way for fixing the aiming issues would be a secure hit for heavy attacks. Like with channeling your heavy attack you’re locking onto the target and after 1.5-2 seconds or how long it takes to fire off you locked the target and the heavy attack only misses when the enemy is actively dodging / rolling away and not when he just steps 1m to the side. This should at least work in PvE.


This is the core issue: creating a game for PVP, than deciding there should be PVE.
That has lead to a PVE weapon balance that is understandably out of control and could only be resolved by making both aspects of the game use different rules and mechanics.
But I actually like it the way it currently is.

If you can aim, it is very strong, and many times I use it on people trying to run, just tap them a few times in the back and they dead. If anything it needs a small buff to damage on body-shots, or variable damage to where you hit on the player.


  • head damage buffed
  • chest damage buffed
  • legs and arms damage nerfed.
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musket will be fine with zoom in feature (thats a passive i think??) but DEFINITELY they need to fix the ugly crosshair. at long range you cannot see ANYTHING because the giant crosshair is covering up the enemies. also what else is covering up the enemy are giant name plates, turning off name plates is not a solution because then you will be at even more a disadvantage. why are name tags the size of 5 football fields? i don’t care what the enemy’s name is, his title is, his company name is, just show me an indicator of health and MAYBE his level.


i played a game that had all those body areas you mentioned, it was actually really horrible because for example if u shoot someone who is to their side then you hit their arms no matter what. its not easy to avoid hitting their arms. headshot is the only one that makes sense from my experience.

I mean tarkov seems fine, just don’t aim for the bodyshot xD?

Casuals use it, because they like it. Hardcore players use it only for open world group pvp
It is absolutely trash for pve, 1v1 pvp and group pvp. Lowest dps in game. When you shot some random guys of ur level in heavy armor - it’s SO funny, you need 30-40 shots to kill them ( and you must land ur shots, but melee guy can just spam left click).
Headshot abilities are trash - you can’t land headshots in this game, I say it as faceit lvl 10.
In my clan, musket is banned in war.

So, just don’t play on musket, maybe later Amazon will change it because of poor usage (of course not, usage is not poor because of casuals)


Just go into siege vs normal clan, with your “strong” musket. Lol. You will be at the bottom of rank table because of bad dmg and bad impact.


just try to play with it
you will be very surprised
after that, you will understand why pvp clans ban it at war

Yeah pretty much.
I played musket since the last two beta, and went a few wars with it since the launch, but musketeers are bottom tiers and most are already rerolled/planing to reroll.

The damage is way too insignificant to be any actual help. The lack of cc or AOE could be justified if the single target damage would be better than other weapons, but it isn’t.

To be honest, just use hatchet instead of musket. Pick the passive that converts its block to ranged throw and use that to pull mobs or pick off turkeys at range.

OP says musket is weak trash

me: getting musketed from 100m away from full hp with 0 counter.

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