Musket is weak trash

Getting head shots all day.

It could stand to be 3 times as strong. Its more of a utility item right now.

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I’m kinda late to this topic/post but I will try to give my opinion and see what you guys think.

So basically I personally think that musket is strong in PVP but much weaker in PVE. Musket has an extremely high range and it’s very easy to hit enemies/mobs if you got a good aim, and the damage together with that high range is extremely worth it in PVP in my opinion, I can agree the fire rate of the musket is very slow so if you are a person that doesn’t have the best aim + you are missing your shots musket is not really for you. PVP musket is good, PVE musket is not the best.

When it comes to PVE it’s much better to run a bow instead, AOE damage + fast shooting + decent damage and the bow has also some mobility with some of the abilities.

In PVP my build is Rapier + Musket, you can believe me or not but I’m destroying people when it comes to PVP I can shoot them like 150M away and easily kill them if they don’t heal too much. In PVE I’m using Bow + Spear because it’s better with the AOE damage + Buffs from the spear.

That’s my final opinion tell me what you think :smiley:


uhh then the entire game would be musket simulator and anyone with a monkey brain could be good with it. No thanks.

Theirs another posting of people complaining about needing to be able to get head shots to properly use the musket’s skill tree so I doubt most people would be good with them.

All I know is that my boyfriend absolutely loves the musket the way it is.

This forum reaaly need a DISLIKE button and REPORT button.
Yeah man go take a warhammer and smash it, than take ur second item as waraxe and turn around to kill everyone like a god. DO YOU EVEN GO 5v5 PVP and see what muskets do? Do you received 5 series bullets from a musket with void effect gem with his weapon and burn effect skill open? And if its a crafted weapon its over in the beginning. Some fellas says that musket is thash, some of them says musket has to be nerfed. PVP IS NOT 1v1 DUEL!!! so stop crying.
I can just agree with that thash post, game needs some catch functions for pvp. If some1 start to run with rapier or fire staff, u have to be god to catch them :smiley:

Exactly this.

I main musket, I come from fps games, I have good aim.

PvE? Awesome. Feels fun, I don’t mind being squishy and slow, because it forces me to be methodical and precise.

PvP? Fuhgeddaboutit.
Even in games like Tarkov with far slower movement where headshots insta-kill, headshots are RARE.

New world is a game that is NOT designed with FPS in mind. All these players commenting who do not play musket don’t understand. As soon as there’s more then 3 or 4 things on screen, it becomes a nightmare. Most FPS keeps it incredibly clean and simple, so it’s easy to see outlines. In this, you have spells, foliage, ambient effects, a shit ton of name plates, all prioritised over the outline of your enemy.

And you are expected to perfectly land 100% headshots to get dps even close to other weapons, while still having massive vulnerabilities in both movement, speed, and animation windows.

I love the musket, but until the headshot damage is massively buffed, it will not be viable.

This is not to mention that it’s far more effort to level and quest with because you are squishy, have 0 AOE and have to be paying attention and aiming for every. single. mob.


When I headshot people and they are the same level it takes like 60% of their health. I’d say the headshot damage is nice. But yea, every time people just hide behind a rock and heal then run at you full speed like a chicken with their head cut off.

I fought one guy, one level higher than me yesterday. Three times in a row he engaged me and each time I immediately head shot him for 60% of his health bar then followed up with two more shots that brought him to 15% health. Every time he just ran away and healed. The fourth time, he waited and engaged me when I was fighting several NPCs. He killed me, it was very frustrating. I stopped playing after that.

Anyways, musket shots should do something additional that will make people think twice about running straight at you. Maybe stagger on headshot. Right now people just see a free kill

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Thats open world combat: it never makes fun for all participants.
Doesnt work in games that offer ANYTHING beside PVP, because people want to do something else while at the same time having PVP options available

Sure, that’s open world combat. But if I shoot someone in the head nine times, they should die. The Musket feels weak because it’s weak. All of it’s abilities cause you to become extremely immobile and the damage you get from that doesn’t really make up for it.


I love how ppl attacking some random trash geared players try to give opinion on stuff.
Like go and headshot a properly geared player, and not some yolo full dps build player, and you will barely do 20% of it’s health…


Lol I have the best pvp gear available to my level, all slots. You keep making those wild assumptions though buddy

Musket is just straight bad for PVE. Almost all of its abilities should be replaced. Bow I think is a lot more fun because you actually have some reactive abilities, but 3 of the musket abilities are just you loading a different cartridge into your gun. Melee is many times more efficient.

The blunderbuss was datamined awhile ago and will probably be just a better musket in terms of PVE

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  1. Other weapons do way more damage with aoe, don’t have to aim, also have gap closers, wear med/heavy armor, have tons of cc. I’m not sure how you look at the hammer/great axe and think they’re balanced with the musket
  2. Some musket skills are outright useless/terrible (not hyperbole)
  • Power Shot: even with this maxed out, in the time it takes to load it, I could have shot another shot. I can get empower through Empowering Headshot. If I’m pre-loading a skill, it’s going to be Powder Burn. I’m not loading power shot mid-fight because it takes too to load and shoot. If I try loading power shot mid-fight, the enemy will be in my face by the time it’s loaded.
  • Critical Reload it actually doesnt seem to proc half of the time and works in direct conflict of Called Shot
  • Called Shot: Speaking of Called Shot, this skill is almost useless. Why would I ever wait 3 seconds to shoot for 5% damage gain if I’m trying to maximize damage? Imagine being in PVP and waiting 3 seconds in between every shot. Even in PVE, this is impossible mid-fight because any mob will run right into your face. And as we all know, muskets can’t hit targets point blank. And this isn’t 3 seconds since last time you fired, it’s 3 seconds from when you ads again. I guess you could use a trap, ads, wait 3 seconds, and shoot. But if you’re using traps in your build, why wouldn’t you just load an overload shot or use shooter’s stance? 5% is nothing to that
  • Supplementary Repulsion: 10% slow is too little, especially with how fast stamina regenerates, players just dodge. make it 25% and you’ll find it’s still not that strong at all. Other weapons have AOE STUNS and musket gets a single target 10% slow for using 3 skill points. Oh yeah, you have to load this one too.
  • Musket skills/abilities in general need much faster cast times. It takes too long to load an overload shot, 9/10 times it’s better to just keep shooting. 9/10, honest to god, is an underestimate. It takes way too long to get in and out of shooter’s stance or set a trap. Why? Ever other class just presses a key and near-instantly does more damage with aoe and musket single target ability does less damage and takes time to load?
  • Shooter’s Stance: it’s clunky/slow getting in and out of this skill
  1. PVE: it feels terrible because your entire team is doing higher aoe damage WITH cc while you’re shooting blanks. you often can’t take advantage of the long range adv of a musket because maps/dungeons aren’t built this way. If solo, if you hit a mob from far away, it will just aggro 2-3 other mobs to run at you. Even with hitting only headshots as soon as you can fire, you won’t kill them all. And by the time you reach your destination after killing the mobs from far away, they probably respawned and you now have to switch weapons because musket has no viable aoe other than the sticky bomb. I guess you can keep kiting mobs with two traps, but is that engaging gameplay? It forces the player to play a certain way. And don’t run too far, or the mobs will start retreating (this is also anti-musket). Musket also does thrust damage, the only damage type that is weak against two mob types. It doesn’t help that so many mobs are “the lost”
  2. PVP: “just shoot from far away”. This doesn’t work because you’re either (a) so far away that the enemy can run just away or (b) close enough that the enemy wearing med/heavy armor will just tank your shots/heal and gap close. Once they’re in range you will get cc’d to death. Basically, musket pvp feels really helpless. Every time you want to shoot, you have to ads, aim, shoot. This all takes time. If you hit, great, you whittled away at their hp. If you missed, you just wasted 2-3 seconds because you have reposition and ads again. This is assuming the enemy player isn’t completely new to the game.
  3. Headshots/aim: other than the bow, no other class really needs to aim. sure the mages do with their autos, but they just spam it. musket requires a long reload. additionally, if you don’t hit only headshots you’re doing F- tier damage (not hyperbole, it’s true relative to other weapons except life staff). If you do hit a headshot, great, you’re doing marginally more damage than any other weapon that can hit multiple enemies and attack faster with no aim.

I really want to love the musket. But the reward for hitting hs isn’t high enough and the consequence of missing is way too high. To be honest, I’m not sure how to fix that. Maybe it would feel better if there was actual aoe and cc.

The DPS/TTK is too low for single target. For multiple targets? Well, you can’t hit multiple targets with musket. Maybe something like a scatter/explosive shot that does aoe/cleave damage, at the bare minimum. The slows need to be stronger, 10/15% slows aren’t strong in a game where you can just dodge/roll every half second. Maybe give it better armor reduction attacks, some anti-healing. Just random ideas.

Having all my points in dex, I feel like I can out dps my musket dmg with an ice gauntlet.

Edited to remove hyperbole


Problem with musket is it has no fast executable rotation like all other weapons, especially the trapper tree. If its not going to have a clear rotation then it needs some of it’s abilities changed.

Sticky bomb is clunky, replace it with a Shooter Stance ability that can only be used while hip firing. Can benefit from the “Back it Up” and “Greater Accuracy” talents. Can use while moving, but would be slow. Sticky bomb should not stay as the datamined blunderbuss is supposed to have a mortar round that will probably be a straight better aoe over sticky bomb.

Replace stopping power with a Heavy Rifle Butt. Hits person in front of you, can cause knock down, knock back, stun, whatever. Does some damage too.

Add in a talent in the trapper tree that makes your block button raise your rifle to the be able to melee people with your gun. This was a thing in early versions of the game but for some reason they removed the ability to melee with your musket.

The trap in trapper tree is kinda iconic and should stay, but maybe make it slightly larger, and cause bleed.


I don’t think they care, there’s not even a musket skin in the cash shop.

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I dropped the musket and went greataxe full strength at lvl 25, i feel like i was crawling all this time and now i am running like Usain Bolt., amazon has so so much work to do with this game if they want it to be a thing after 2021.

Really? I said that and I made it clear exactly that in my 2 feedbacks in the penultimate beta, and I remember that I did an exclusive feedback for the musket, and what happened? they IGNOR what I said!

and let’s not forget the expensive ammo to make and the iron ammunition having the same multiplier as a stone arrow.

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Not like PvP would be much better either. With such low fire rate and with no CC

It has CC. It’s in the Trapper tree. Hate to say it my guy, but it sounds like you’re using the musket wrong. It has probably the highest damage per shot in the game. By that, I mean for every shot you land, you’re doing the highest damage of any weapon. The draw back, as you know, is it’s fire rate. Each shot deals immense damage, but you’re not going to be rapid firing them off.

If you go into pvp with the idea of using musket and only musket, you’re going to have a rough time everywhere outside of large scale pvp where you can sit 100m away in a bush and pop heads. It’s a complimentary weapon in small scale and open world pvp. Each landed shot is huge, but you can’t sit there and reload for two seconds. It reloads itself while unequipped. So you can get your shot off, swap to your other weapon, and 2.5s later pull it back out and shoot again with no reload animation.

In the interim, you use your other weapon to either fill the gaps or make an opening for that shot. For instance, rapier musket is quite popular. Landing a riposte gives you a large enough window to stun them, dodge for distance, lay a trap at their feet, and line up the shot before the stun expires. Giving you a free, guaranteed shot. And on top of that, that shot will heal you for 100% of the damage you deal, and they take 20% additional damage.

I heal for 2,500 instantly in pvp with the musket at level 40. That’s about half my health and twice as much as a potion, and I can do it twice every 20 seconds. And of course, they take an equal amount in damage in the process.

The traps also work well as a zoning tool. If you lay down a trap, you can effectively kite around it, with enough time to overload another shot before they navigate around it. This also gives you time to get your CDs ready on your alternate weapon.

The musket is incredibly powerful in pvp - if used right.

A final tip about PvP for musket, one I use constantly. When engaged, look around for Turkeys. If not turkeys, doe. If not doe, boars. Why? They take bonus thrust damage. In the case of turkeys, you deal additional damage on top of that, and they have no defense. Throw a trap on top of one of them and shoot it. You will heal for your entire healthbar instantly.

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