Musket is weak trash

Musket is just complete garbage

PVP - lol, have fun trying to land headshots reliably in PVP. If so, congrats, you do OKAY damage to one target. And that’s about it. Complete garbage in any other scenario, unless you want to trap people in duels for funsies I guess.

PVE - is there an item worse for offense? I think even life staff does more dps. I’m pretty sure it does, in fact. Musket single target damage in PVE Is absolute garbage - and that’s if you don’t miss with mobs that have tiny hitboxes and move around and crouch a lot.

Sticky Bomb is clunky - like some kind of alpha ability that didn’t get revisited. Your best bet is to just tap F twice to throw it out as fast as you can.

It does a low to moderate damage in an AoE after a very long timer. When talented it slows a little bit.

Is there a worse ability in the game? I’m not sure that there is lol.


So you all can obviously have your own opinions and everyone has their preferences. However i thought the musket was trash as well in closed beta. I have now been using it in launch and honestly i was so wrong about the musket. If you are missing your hs then obviously you will not be happy with the damage output and it is probably not a weapon you should use. but with a full dex build and light armor giving me the damage buff along with a tier 5 onyx slotted in the gem slot, I can reliably hit a hs that will do 2k-3k damage. I dont feel its very hard to consistently hit a hs with the musket even though the crosshair is super trash… I can kill a player with 5 levels above me with easily 4-5 shots if i land the hs. which weird enough there is the “shooters stance” that allows you to shoot 5 shots more rapidly. not to mention with “powder burn” or a stuck “sticky bomb” players that do run away cant dodge or heal out of the burn or bomb and usually end up dying or still being low health for a final blow when i get line of sight again… I dont think the musket is trash at all i think its actually some of the biggest dps in the game for single target while staying out of melee range and taking no damage in return. Thats not to say that it will be the play style everybody enjoys so always do whats most fun for you. But honestly if you havent run a full dex build with at least about 15 mastery points in the musket i dont think youve really experienced what its capable of, and again if you miss all headshots and are just hitting the body then none of that will matter much anyways. But again to base a weapon that requires good consistent aim off of your experience when you may not have consistency is not really the weapons fault, and it doesnt make it a trash weapon. 2-3k damage every 1.5 sec which is about the speed of a reload without shooters stance or tactical reload, is on par with the melee weapons dps. And as said previously we can do that while staying out of melee range which is ultimately the advantage.

Traps and bombs are god awful. The trap heal doesn’t last long enough to get hits in, the trap radius is tiny and it breaks in one single hit vs. players doing wide AOE swings. The bomb explosion can be dodged. The bomb can be DODGED. ffs why did they even add this terrible weapon in.

I agree with OP as I have been stating this myself.
Musket doesn’t have the punch it feels it should have.

Zero AoE, is the biggest downfall when trying to go pure sniper. And the damage even being pure sniper only feels good when you headshot a light armor player.

I have actually had a con tank in full heavy gear stand still while I shot 16 headshots into them just to get them low hp. Think about that, 16 headshots… I can understand taking say 6 if your pure heavy but 16???


worse than the BF which is usually 4 shots to the head

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What is BF?

I really like these suggestions this would add so much to the Musket and be much more enjoyable than current abilities. Fantastic Idea!!

The problem IS NOT the Musket.

The problem is the HEALING AVALIABILITY in this game!! one single potion every 30 seconds can make you full HP (Not counting the cooldown reduction perk which makes even worse)

A SINGLE healing DOT from Life Staff basically counters the musket DPS if the enemy does not stand still.

Problem is on the healing side, if Heal was rare and with long cooldowns then muskets would be able to slowly kill enemies from their range or finishing the fleeing enemies AS IT was in previous interactions of the game.

Potion cooldown changes and Life Staff rework are the things that messed Musket.

Disagree. The reason is dps. Melee, fire staff, ice gauntlet don’t care if you’re healing or not, you will still die. But bow and musket have trash dps. Even burst is bad unless you hit headshots consistently, which with this hit registration, hitbox size, AI or player movement, and other issues makes it pretty hard to do.


Wouldn’t call it weak trash but niche weapon. As far as I can tell with my experience, and it isnt too big for using a musket mind you, musket got two things going good for it. And those are rather niche.

  • Trap + Scent of Blood to do a double dip; damage them a good chunk and get healed the amount and it takes a bit of skill to pull it off. You could shoot the entrapped but I’m very sure you can get way more damage and healing in with a different weapon instead while they’re trapped. trap>swap>burst in melee range. This isn’t as good as it sounds for PvP though because your opponent can deny that heal by a skill or getting defensive and even if not, ultimately you’re just gaining 2 hits’ advantage. In PvE, it just works well.
  • Distance and shooting prone. Especially with a buddy you can lay hidden prone (most likely in open world) and simply delete some poor unaware soul across the map. Similarly you can position far behind and shoot peeps down from so far away in group vs group setting that, your enemies will generally know where you are due bullet line even though they can’t see you, they can’t shoot you with ranged properly due superior range and the prone shooting, and if they want to melee you, they’d (preferably) have to go through your friendly melee first which they can’t so they’ll be forced to play tanking you having nasty free shots on them.

That’s all there is to it, which makes it more of a support/niche weapon rather than something to rely on completely. This is because due to no good tools and aoe and damage (most important factor) at hand compared to alternatives. See, if you try to play it like with a dps rotation, it doesn’t work. What good is power shot when you can simply do about the same dps from normal shots or other weapons can do more dps? The good is, you want that one big shot to delete someone who is unaware like I mentioned in my first point and reload doesn’t matter then. So really, musket would work way better with the original early full pvp version of the game in the open world (good luck entering/exiting town/fort/etc, group of muskets hidden on a hill aiming down at it) but it seems the usage is bought down to niche level due that change.

So AGS should decide if they want musket to be this niche weapon or something that works as a straight up main weapon aswell. IMHO regardless, it needs a damage bump up or perhaps some special addition could work great to alleviate the issue. For example, giving it a big passive armor penetration bonus all times from the start. It wouldnt be a hit&delete weapon against low armor light guys but very effective against heavy (which most people use, especially melee anyway so it also makes good sense) and perhaps some tools/rework to use in for pve’ing stuff for the pve folks.

My two cents.



I hit that key on the first Alpha

Agreed on the crosshair, it is top tier trash. It feels like a musket nerf tbh.

I talked about it also in the penultimate beta, they had time to fix it and they didn’t.
and I spoke again in this post

Musket is by far the weakest weapon in New World by a large margin. Those that say it feels decent, I think haven’t properly used the other weapons/combos.

There is a reason why faction leaders are removing all but 1-2 musket mains from the war roster when role-call starts, it is an incredibly poor choice for PvP, save one or two guys shooting siege equipment.

Open world PvP, the musket only does well in large zerg roams to finish players off at range, that’s it.

this. it’s not really rocket science

This is a great and beautiful game but it still has some alpha/beta issues that need to be addressed or it’s going to crash and burn hard.

They just need to remove that dumb reloading animation or at least make it not reset on a dodge. So annoying.

No reload animation would be op as lol

Yes, and as long as it has its huge range and hitscan, that’s the only way it can be. You simply can’t balance this weapon for this game, or it would destroy PVP.

At this point one might argue it’s better to just replace it with the Blunderbuss (short range), then they can actually make that a balanced weapon.

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It would be nice if did any damage at all. As it is now, it does nothing. In my light armor I get 3 hits to the head, shrug, pop a heal and kill them with 1-2 shots from a bow (assuming they’re light too).
Low dps and long reload animations is fine, but when it also doesnt even have burst damage - it’s just useless.

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I understand this point. But let’s assume you give it better burst damage. Then 3 musketeers team up and pick off single targets from 200m range. Bum bum bum and you drop dead.

This is why I say it’s impossible to balance this weapon. Because in NW range actually is a huge advantage as compared to other games, where you can normally close the distance within seconds.

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