Musket is weak trash

Remove the talent that overcomes damage drop off. Leave the damage at extreme ranges as is, but at least make it do something closer, when the musketeer is killable. Not to mention, I WOULD expect to die from triple headshot from a musket wearing light armor and having no const - but even that doesn’t happen.


That what I mean. You have to gut its range (=Blunderbuss).

Go level up other weapons then come back and tell me it’s strong please. I’ve leveled each weapon to 11+ and the musket is by far the weakest weapon in the game in nearly all
scenarios the game offers.

It’s a reloading buggy mess. It lacks aoe, it’s aiming and crosshair is terrible, requires ammo, requires headshots to be even sub optimal.

Its best use is in a War, but even then the enemy can hide and heal so easily from the musket.

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I think they should remove long range pvp at all. I mean, cut musket damage after 100m, for example.
For me it’s not fun to shoot somebody at 100 range, where he can heal/hide/zigzag/dissapear because of view distance/etc.
For non-musket players, it’s not fun to get killed from bushes, from 200m distance.
Just remove it, Amazon.
Make it mid-range, add some aoe, buff trapper tree to make it useable in close range.

Where the hell do you all keep getting your 200m distance Headshots on moving targets?
It already takes multiple shots to tickle someone much less take them out from that far.

It’s hard but possible. You need clear territory, without trees and etc. You need casual in light armor. You need armor perks for burn-slow and shooter stance empower. You need special gem vs slowed players.

That’s you. If I ever 1-shot a player at 500 meters with a bow, I will be happy for 2 days. Shoo away from me and my 1 in a thousand shot and stop trying to take it away.

I honestly do not think you understand how far 500m away is in game based on this statement.
Nor do you understand the lack of damage a musket does at any range for that matter.

The thing is that you are going to need 3-4 headshots at the very least to hurt anything. How much is it going to happen?

Plus, in wars and dungeons/raids (the main parts of the game) and even corruption rifts you can’t exploit that, max distance is short enough that a single perk in the Bow tree makes projectile and hitscan almost the same.

Oh I’m quite aware. Maybe 1 in a million is a more accurate chance, I guess. I’d have to be sitting on a pretty high mountain for the arrow to be even physically able to reach that distance. I’ve killed aligators and boars 300 meters away though (from the cutlass tower) :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’m not using a musket until it gets buffed (and even then, bow is more fun anyway).

I most definitely can 1 shot ppl with the bow. Been there, done that (lvl60 vs lvl56). Bow has no damage drop off over distance. So if the arrow hits, it will kill some low level.

Well yeah but then we are off topic since this is a Musket thread ^^

I do believe that Bows (and all ranged weapons) do have drop damage after a certain distance (500m iirc) but again the issue is why having a weapon completely overshadowed by another which scales with the same stat too? We are asking for the Musket to have something more than tagging some1 (and not killing) from a huge distance.

Dungeons: musket is without any argument worst performing weapon.
War: musket is a very lethal pickoff weapon. If you say “bow is the same” I argue you never played war with both musket and bow, because hitting with a bow is almost like needing a target standing still for 5 seconds.
For bow siege weapons are the ideal target and people are stupid enough to enter after the fist hit, then feel safe and reenter to die on the 2nd shot.
For musket ANY cast is the ideal target, because animation slow down makes them very easy to hit + they tend to not wear heavy.
Also for musket: if there is any, look for a roling bow-user then kill him after he stands up.

Well I don’t get why musket does no damage either. I don’t see a need to artificially limit it’s range to increase it’s damage. If a PubG god good at clicking single pixels has some fun with the musket, I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s not like there’s massive open fields in NW where you can have inifinite sightlines and no cover. You get hit to the head out of nowhere and hear no shot? Hide behind a rock… A zerg running with 5 muskets, 1 shotting ppl left and right? Well good for them if they can pull it off. That’s exactly what musket should be good for instead of being good for nothing.

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But Bow makes up for it with higher damage and AoE, plus you can spec for faster projectile and gravity applying from further distance on.

Yeah I lack War experience (edit: so I might be making some wrong assumptions) but I’m basing my argument on general target hits from X distance. Overall the Bow seems to be more desirable than Musket in any situation also because it’s versatility and higher numbers.

I have played exactly that in beta actually. Bow+musket loadout just to test the musket in wars xd. Conclusion: never ever again I will use a musket in war. Total waste of time and participant space.

And what exactly happens when you hit them for <20% of their hp and then start your long reload? Oh right, they heal, get healed or just hide if that’s not an option. You can kill very low hp targets. That’s it. Very narrow and not even very useful niche for the musket. You could have 1 or 2 in a war, but any more would be bad.

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Oh right, you are playing 1vs50, I see.
As I said: its a pickoff weapon, you can finish with certaincy what someone else has started but didnt manage to kill. You can attack any single easy target so there is much more people that require healing, and most importantly you are not playing alone

You seem not to understand that the bow can do that too while also contributing a lot to other things while the musket can only do that a slight better because hitscan.

It’s like having a fully equipped Swiss knife vs a nail clipper. Why would you bring the latter when you have the former?

summary of everything: it’s a weapon that needs a lot more damage, a smaller reload and especially the skills need to be better worked.

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Its simply matter of fact, that people here seem to never have player Quake.
You cant dodge a railgun, even if it only deals 25% max HP damage, but you can dodge rockets, no matter if they would deal 100% max HP damage.
Yes, bow hits harder, IF you hit. Yes, musket hits weaker, but you DO hit.
Bow and musket standing next to each other, bow manages hit, musket manages kill.

And they ignore, that in war there is always targets to pick, so others dont need to risk a step to much ahead.
Because of all the AOE there ongoing, no matter if melee or ranged, you can select who dies instead of escaping.