Musket is weak trash

I would love to duel anyone who thinks musket isn’t viable in a fight.

And for PvE, it may not be as ideal as a focused cleaving machine, definitely agreed, but pairing it with other weapons, the musket provides wonderful utility. I don’t leave home without it!

You do a very good job of describing the bow and a very poor job of describing the musket.

Do you even understand how to animation cancel reloads?

More importantly, if you hate the musket so much - like if it makes you this upset - why not just not use it.

I think they want to use it, but don’t quite know how to make it viable for them yet.
I hope they figure it out though. I love it for PvE but it does work best when you know how to pair it.

It’s not an ideal solo PvE tool, though still fun to do this, just not as effective as others, and some might fight this expensive though I’ve been using steel ammo exclusively for the past several days and not been bothered.

what? do you really need to get to that level? use exploit to make it playable?
no, enough!
it upsets me not because I don’t like it but because I like it, it is an expensive and difficult weapon to use in which the reward you get for it is not satisfactory, resource collection time x ammo creation time x shooting time x reload time, it doesn’t count the damage it deals, so they are now their minimum damage with a lvl 30 char should be a 4k to the head, lvl 45 5k to the head or keep the damage current but the reload should drop to 1.5sec.
that’s what I think.

i mean whats with all the negativity im a ranger as well and i use bow and mustket and rapier differing on occasions i just dont understand if its not useful for you then why mold on forums about it . you know there are so many people playng with musket i just dont see the point on this post lol . and my advise to you would be to get better with your kiting and using weapons on occasions which will favour you yesterday i literally 1 v 1 d the last boss in shipyard with bow and musket if u cant click heads that is unfortunately your problem

i would absolutely agree
i dont understand why the musket keeps having reloading issues or it gets stuck
it doesnt work when you dont have stamina
but my other weapons still work on low stamina
this weapon needs a complete rework as it does so little damage as well and reloading takes forever too

oh and the traps do not work on bears at all making musket builds useless

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i play musket and spear…

90% of the time i use the spear…

because it is easier and faster…

in pvp everybody just runs away…

it should be really more rewarding if you hit a shot with your musket


You are setting your own limitations then complaining about having those limitations.

There is some advantage to preloading, though. You can load it long before any fight and it wont go anywhere only if you unequip weapon from inventory for some reason.

The musket reload while you are exhausted is a skill mechanic.
If you are constantly suffering the slow reload times, you need to focus on making sure not to burn up your stamina. It also rewards making a build with reduced dodge costs, either high dex or medium armour.

Kinda makes me think of media where someone is panicking while trying to reload, it takes them much longer than if they were able to remain cool and collected. Feeling like it’s an intentional mechanic is actually quite neat and rewards skill.

Is it more punishing than it needs to be? Likely. But even if this isn’t intentional I kind of think it’s a neat thing to require good skill to avoid. It’s probably going to get a fix sometime so you can at least weapon swap away while about to enter the fatigued reload.

no also in pve it is much faster to just run at the mob and use all the spear abilities instead of buffing my rifle, setting out a trap, firing 2 to 3 times and then anyway end up with my spear again to finish the mob off

It can be a heck of an opener though. Even against tough mobs:
Preloaded shot → aimed headshot → load special round → shoot → dash reload → shoot.
If you land all headshots you get another shot on top of that instantly.

That’s potentially 4 pretty gnarly hits within about 4 seconds, well before they can even get close to you.

Pull out your alternate weapon or learn how to use the trapper kit effectively and you’re golden.

The reply was not directed at you, but yes a melee weapon should out perform a ranged weapon in melee range.

One weapon doesn’t need to do it all things well. The game is the best when you have a fun combo of weapons that compliment each other in interesting ways. (sword + musket has some wild combos btw, insanely fun)

When you get your musket on game it feels well tuned for what it does best, if it was more potent it would honestly be overtuned in a lot of unavoidable areas.

Something that I’ve been trying recently because the Sharpshooter tree is garbage. I went with a trapper build that dips into the sharpshooter tree only for critical reload (free reload with three headshots) and powder burn. So the reasoning behind this is the opening you can pull off which I’ll list in steps.

  1. Hit a headshot with the opening powder burn.
  2. Activate powder burn
  3. Hit another headshot. The two powder burns now stack and you should benefit from empowering weakness and kick em’ while their down perks.
  4. dodge roll for the instant reload, hit the headshot.
  5. Critical reload activates, headshot again

If they are dumb enough to run at you at this point, trap them. Switch to rapier and flurry. The trap offers 20% additional damage on top of your flurry which now cannot be dodged. Heavy attack after the flurry which cannot be dodge either due to the flurry stagger. Your powder burns will also benefit from the +20% damage from the trap as well.

If they are not dead, they usually start running here and panic healing, so just switch to the musket and finish.

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Musket is in a good place in my opinion.

Musket is super powerful in the right hands… However, the headshot bonus is poorly implemented.
Headshot should be 2.0x damage multiplier minimum, not 1.3x… and there should be 0% critical chance (meaning only headshots should crit, not standard body shots with chance).

Higher GS muskets should grant higher and higher crit damage multipliers so that when headshots are landed, they can do insane damage.


In my opinion, the moment the enemy reaches you as the sharpshooter build, you have no way to respond so you just die. If sharpshooter wants to be viable, it needs to be able to drop people before they reach you, provided you hit all the headshots. It doesn’t do that right now.


This is the way. When people see a musket they shouldn’t think “Running at them is a viable strategy because the musket won’t do enough damage to down me before I reach him”

Instead they should be thinking,
“The musket is powerfull enough to down me if I wildly run out in the open. I should use cover to get closer or run in with my healer.”


this would be the basic logic of combat against firearms, but it seems that few or almost no one thinks like that here.

if the logic of the bow is to shoot fast and do damage based on firing speed, the musket should have extremely heavy damage like a sledgehammer, an absolute damage that would eliminate almost every mob with 1 or 2 headshots or make a player at all. wearing heavy armor think twice before running into him head on

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