Musket light roll is shorter than any other weapon

This bug has already been reported, but it wasn’t acknowledged at all so I’m reporting it again.

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: When rolling with the musket, the roll is shorter than normal rolls. This only occurs when the musket is unsheathed and the player is moving at the time of the roll. If the musket is sheathed, the roll is normal length. If the player is standing still, the roll seems to be normal length. This also isn’t tied to any specific weapon mastery perks. I tested it with no perks and it still happens.
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Bug
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Equip musket with light weight armour and roll. Try rolling with other weapons or try rolling with the musket sheathed vs unsheathed to see the difference. It’s quite obvious to me just visually. But if you don’t see it as easily, watch the videos I recorded or look at the final screenshots showing distance covered.

I recorded a demonstration / proof of this issue and posted it in this reply Musket light roll is shorter than any other weapon - #6 by basics

Here are the two “ending” points for the two recorded tests:


You can see that the rapier test goes noticeably further than the musket test despite them starting in the exact same place, facing the same spot, and using the exact same inputs (through a macro).

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If you hold down “right click” or the aiming function, it will reduce the length of roll.

To roll the whole length, don’t aim down the sight when you roll.
“Let go of right click before you roll”

No this is not true at all. I’m never aiming when I’m running and rolling. It’s a significantly shorter roll if you compare unsheathed musket roll vs sheathed musket roll. Or unsheathed musket roll vs unsheathed [any other weapon in the game] roll. Aiming has nothing to do with it.

That being said, you may have uncovered the root of the problem. Maybe they deliberately coded it so that rolling while ADS will result in a shorter roll, but then some kind of coding bug is causing all rolls to trigger that scenario even when not ADS.


Please fix!

This is true.

The aiming down sights is also really slow now and very clunky


While I agree that some of the animations and movement in this game could be so much smoother and provide a much better combat experience, I do think that having shorter rolls while ADS may actually be intended and be a good thing. If you’re dodging while ADS, you likely are wanting to start shooting again almost immediately. Maybe you dodged for the reload or maybe you just dodged to avoid an incoming ranged attack, but in both cases you are likely wanting to shoot again as quickly as possible. You might also want to not roll as far in case you’re on a cliff or walkway and don’t want to accidentally fall off.

However, there is no reason that we should be getting a shorter roll while not aiming. I posted about this bug 6+ weeks ago, but never got a response and I stopped playing musket so I didn’t post it again for a bit. I still checked the musket roll after every patch to see if it was fixed or not, but unfortunately it hasn’t been.

I’ve been using musket again lately so now I will be doing my best to keep this thread alive or make new threads about the same bug until it is either acknowledged or fixed.

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I recorded my inputs so that I could compare rolling with rapier vs rolling with musket. I then started in the same place and looked at the same spot to begin both tests. Here are the videos:

Musket: Gif Your Game

Rapier: Gif Your Game

You can see that the rapier test goes 3-5m further than the musket test. Proving that musket roll is shorter.

Here are the two “ending” positions for those two tests. They start in the exact same place. They use the exact same inputs. And the rapier test goes noticeable further than the musket test.


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It definitely feels intended and I enjoy that its there so I can cancel my dodge roll early to fire faster.

The aiming down sights delay is extremely noticeable and should be lessened a few frames.

A better test, have two players facing a wall and press spacebar to back roll to judge distance

Musket dodge roll in light is inconsist, sometimes it rolls the same as other weapons, sometimes it stops short

The backroll and stand-still rolls actually go the same distance. The roll is only shorter while moving. So this was the best test I could come up with and I believe it’s sufficient evidence. This is a macro putting in the exact same inputs starting from the same spot and looking the same direction. The only difference between the tests is the weapon that is out.

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Great details, appreciate your time and effort!

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No problem! Thanks for interacting with the post. Hopefully it can gain the attention of someone at AGS and they can add it to their list of bugs to work on. I realize it’s not the highest priority, but it’s still a noticeable disadvantage and annoyance for people who play musket.

Creating and maintaining distance is a big part of playing this weapon properly, but when the main way to create distance isn’t working properly, that’s a pretty big hindrance.

@Kay @Luxendra Any chance that the devs are aware of this issue? It’s fine if it’s lower priority, but it’d be really comforting to know that at least it’s on your radar and that it will be taken care of eventually.

Every time I dodge with my musket out, I get worried / disheartened by the idea that each new update will not bring any fix for this and it will continue indefinitely.

I suppose with it being the holidays, it’s less likely to be seen and/or acknowledged by AGS so I’ll wait a week or so and then make a new thread.

Hopefully with the holidays winding down, this can get acknowledged. I’ve taken to soloing 66 portals lately which is a ton of fun and very challenging for a light armour musket/rapier player. What is extremely not fun about this is that since kiting is such an important part of doing this content without dying, and I’m usually kiting with my musket out, my rolls aren’t creating as much distance as they should and it takes fun and challenging content and makes it frustrating af.

I really just want this issue to be acknowledged by AGS so that I can know they will get around to fixing it eventually. I’m going to either keep this post alive or make a new post soon and keep doing that until someone from AGS acknowledges it. @Kay @Luxendra I respect your guys’ time. All I’m asking for is one response saying that it’s been forwarded to the devs, or that the devs are already aware. Thank you.

Now that we have a new community manager in @Shadow_Fox maybe this bug can finally be acknowledged and passed up the chain?

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