Musket major problem explain video on PvP side, also glitch reports

Hi, I’m the author of this OP.

It got the manager reply, hope we get something but here is a video that
can state present musket problems.

Check the video description, there is time table and detail.

  1. Active skill reload killing people, cause unable to dodge, also preventing skill combo.

  2. Shot clipping glitch that makes guns empty, but bullets are not registered.

  3. Dodge directly over the trap.

  4. Exhausted stamina penalty, when others doesn’t have.

Glitch report.
Hatchet Feral rush root also giving “Scent of blood” trap healing passive, dev should check it.

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Musket has been absolutely destroyed from previews versions of the game to what we have now. Everything in that video is nice and correct. There are also other running passive bugs such as when you roll you get a speed buff but since we are already running the speed doesn’t change at all.

Overall great video demonstrating a very smart player who has enough intellect to give it his very best but to be ultimately doing much more thought and skillful button presses than his opponents who use very easy to use weapons. (let’s be honest that last guy was in auto pilot so I wouldn’t really count that at all. General meta great axe user who got outplayed hard and the musket guy already had a disadvantage due to glaring bugs on a weapon that has been completely destroyed and still won)

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